The Ultimate List of Hot Tub Benefits

Ultimate List of Hot Tub Benefits

Owning a hot tub means you have a backyard retreat for maximum relaxation and enjoyment. While relaxing is indeed a great reason to soak in a hot tub, Wellis® Spas have a long and incredible list of hot tub benefits!  At Orange County Pools and Spas, we put together the ultimate list of hot tub […]

Everything You Need To Know About Choosing a Fiberglass Pool

choosing a fiberglass pool

Fiberglass pools are gaining popularity fast. Why? Consumers choose fiberglass for a number of reasons, primarily because fiberglass is affordable, durable, long-lasting. easy to care for, fast to install, and available in all the trendy design options you could want. Are you considering choosing a fiberglass pool? We know you’ve heard a lot about vinyl […]

Creating Privacy in Your Backyard

Creating Privacy in Your Backyard

Getaways can be created in the privacy of your own backyard. Don’t have time for a vacation? Does the thought of traveling exhaust you? With pandemic restrictions making family getaways next to impossible, try a staycation in the privacy of your own backyard.   Disconnect from Rigors Studies have shown that family fun time not […]

How to Create the Perfect Summer Staycation

a family enjoying the perfect summer staycation

After a long year of being locked up, a lot of us are ready to get back into the world and go on a real vacation this year. But, a lot of us aren’t doing that quite yet. Staying at home is great. You get to spend more time with your family; you don’t have […]