Why Mama Needs a Hot Tub

Mother’s Day is quickly approaching and the moms in your life deserve something special! Why not invest in buying her a gift that she will treasure for years to come? A hot tub is a great present with a plethora of uses. Here’s why mama needs a hot tub.   Stress Reduction Moms do so […]

10 Plants You Can Water with Your Spa

When it comes time to deep clean your hot tub this spring, why not recycle your water? Rather than letting your spa water go to waste, you can treat it and use it to water your garden. Recycled water can be stored and used throughout the year. Want to know if your garden can use […]

A No-Spin Comparison of Vinyl, Fiberglass & Concrete Pools

Your family is buzzing with excitement because you’ve just announced that you’re finally getting the backyard pool you’ve all been wishing for. You know you want an inground pool, but now what? Vinyl-lined, fiberglass, concrete…what’s the best pool for your family? When it comes to picking the type of pool you want, there is no […]

Orange County Pools & Spas is Doing What We Can for the Community

We at Orange County Pools & Spas understand COVID-19 is a very serious virus. We are following the proper guidelines outlined by state and local authorities along with the Centers for Disease Control. The safety of our customers and our employees is a top priority. The Department of Public Health is getting questions about possible […]