Swim Spas: Experience Winter’s Unmatched Luxury

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Shivering through winter no longer means missing out on the luxury and health benefits of an invigorating swim or the relaxation of a spa. 

Swim spas let homeowners enjoy the benefits of both, regardless of the season or the weather. Wellis® Spas swim spas combine state-of-the-art hydromassage technology with an efficient and flexible exercise system.  

Swim spas provide all the wellness and enjoyment of hot tubs and pools in a single, convenient, temperature-controlled unit. 

Welcome to Year-Round Luxury with Wellis Swim Spas

As a local, family-owned spa dealer with decades of industry expertise, Orange County Pools & Spas offers the unparalleled performance, versatility, and durability of Wellis swim spas. 

Two Worlds Combined: Hot Tub Luxury and Swimming Pool Wellness

For homeowners weighing the options between a full-sized swimming pool and a traditional hot tub, a swim spa not only elegantly splits the difference, but goes beyond the capabilities of swimming pools and hot tubs.

With a powerful innovation built from the latest technology, Wellis swim spas feature programmable currents to swim, exercise, and play against. 

The spacious interiors comfortably fit family and friends while sculpted seating areas treat sore muscles with targeted hydromassage.

With the year-round comfort of an outdoor hot tub and the athletic benefits of an indoor lap pool, spas truly offer the best of both worlds in one must-have backyard upgrade.

Your Personal Gym and Spa Combined: Fitness and Recovery

Beyond their cozy, spa-like seating, Wellis swim spas feature wide-open swim areas that even competition swimmers can appreciate. 

The spacious swim zones allow for a full range of swimming motions without obstruction. And for even more workout options, you’ll find a variety of resistance tools like aqua weights, resistance cords, and more. 

Once your swimming strength is spent, slip into the ergonomic lounge seats as jetted hydrotherapy soothes away muscular fatigue. 

No wonder Wellis Spas swim spa owners spend so much time enjoying their personal backyard gym! With winter luxury like this, your only struggle will be eventually getting out of the swim spa long enough to towel off.

Lasting Value Made Simple  

For all their benefits, you may wonder if swim spas are more complex or maintenance-intensive than traditional pools and hot tubs. 

Wellis Spas strives to make hot tub and swim spa ownership as simple and affordable as possible. “How much is a swim spa?” you ask. There are a variety of models and pricing with available financing to fit every budget.

Wellis builds spas to the highest quality European luxury standards. The uncompromising quality of Wellis Spas swim spas ensures maximum longevity and performance with very little maintenance required. Better still, costs of operation are remarkably low with energy-efficient technology.

With enduring craftsmanship wrapped in an accessible package, our Wellis Spas provide excellent value that is sure to be enjoyed for decades to come.

Wellis Spas offers swim spas spacious enough to accommodate your whole family, and spas create backyard living spaces perfect for hosting get-togethers any time of year.

Upgrade your home with winter’s ultimate luxury. 

Choose Orange County Pools for Your Wellis Swim Spa

At Orange County Pools & Spas, we have been working hard to provide the very best in backyard living for over five decades.

We are a leading dealer of Wellis spas and hot tubs, Finnleo® saunas, King Kool Plunge cold tubs, swimming pools, Infinity® massage chairs, backyard courts, and more to round out your outdoor gathering place.

Reach out to Orange County Pools & Spas today and let’s talk about what your Wellis Spas swim spa can do for you and your family.

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