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Swim Spa vs. Above Ground Pool

Having a pool in your backyard to splash in and enjoy is endless fun for the whole family. When looking to add a swimming feature to your home, you may consider either a swim spa or an above ground pool. So, what is the difference between a swim spa vs. an above ground pool? Here are a few of the key differences to help you decide which to choose for your backyard fun. 

Costs Difference

As far as initial costs, a swim spa is going to have a higher initial price tag than an above ground pool. At Orange County Pools and Spas, our Carvin® Above Ground Pools are well-made, stylish, and cost-effective. For an affordable price, your family will enjoy loads of pool time fun.

On the other hand, Wellis® Swim Spas will be more expensive but will also get more use over time. A swim spa is an investment in ongoing family fun and personal wellness. Wellis Swim Spas offer premium quality and are impressively powerful and durable.   

Difference in Primary Use

When purchasing a backyard pool, it’s important to consider your primary use. Is the pool going to be used mostly for family fun, personal exercise, relaxation, hosting pool parties, or something else? Your main use can help determine if you should choose a swim spa vs. an above ground pool.

A Wellis Swim Spa is the perfect combination of exercise and relaxation. The powerful current allows you to swim and make health a priority. Additionally, each Wellis Swim Spa has between two to six spa seats with massage jets so you can benefit from hydrotherapy. Alternatively, an above ground pool allows you more room for friends and family to join and is ideal if pool fun is your goal. 

Size and Space Difference

How much room do you want your backyard pool to take up? A swim spa is typically smaller in size and therefore ideal if you have space constraints. Wellis Swim Spas range in length from 14′ 9″ to 19′ 8″ with a width of 7′ 8″. On the other hand, if you want a larger pool to utilize, an above ground allows you that luxury. Carvin Pools range in size from 12 feet all the way up to 33 feet in diameter. 

Seasonal Difference 

Would you prefer to use your pool all year long or primarily in the summer months? An above ground pool can be used during the traditional swim season. In the Hudson Valley, this is typically from late April through September. With a swim spa, though, you can enjoy year-round use. This is because of the built-in water heating system, advanced insulation, and smaller size.


Ultimately, choosing between a swim spa vs. an above ground pool comes down to your personal preferences and needs. If you’d like to learn more about Wellis Swim Spas or Carvin Above Ground Pools, contact our pool professionals at Orange County Pools and Spas. With over 50 years of experience in the pool industry, we can help you weigh the options and determine the best backyard pool for your family. You can also stop by our Mohegan Lake store to see a Wellis Swim Spa on display. Let us transform your backyard today!

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