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We’re feeling the love this Valentine’s Day at Orange County Pools & Spas! Romance is in the air and our hot tubs are ready to set the mood. 

As leading hot tub suppliers, we’ve acquired some tried-and-true tips for maximizing your Valentine’s Day soak. Read on for tender secrets straight from the tub.  

Pamper Your Sweetheart

Treat that special someone to a relaxing and rejuvenating hot tub experience. Surprise them by adorning your Wellis® spa area with rose petals, their favorite bubbles, and sweet snacks to nibble while you nuzzle. 

To really melt the tension away, offer a shoulder massage as you both unwind in the warm, swirling waters. 

Set the Mood

With the right ambiance, you can transform your backyard into a steamy oasis. 

Strategically place candles around the hot tub, letting them cast a romantic glow. Queue up a customized playlist featuring all your songbird serenades.

As the stars come out above, plug in twinkling fairy lights to encircle your hot tub haven, or let a crackling fireplace blaze nearby. 

Hot Tub for Two 

Carve out quality time together by scheduling an evening hot tub date when the kids are asleep and phones are forgotten. Plan to rendezvous as the daylight fades into an intimate dusk. Surprise each other with sentimental gifts like custom coupons for foot rubs, breakfast in bed, or a moonlit dance party for two.  

Sensational Spa Snacks

Some snacks are best enjoyed while soaking in swirling bubbles. 

Craft a signature mocktail with zesty citrus flavors, aromatic herbs, and tart pomegranate juice.

Satisfy your cravings with bite-sized indulgences designed for two. Display an array of chocolate-dipped fruit, like luscious strawberries, tangy pineapple, and decadent cheesecake bites. Serve individual molten lava desserts overflowing with melted chocolate.

Offer exotic fresh fruits like mango, passionfruit, or figs that you can hand-feed and enjoy together. 

XOXO Playlist

The perfect playlist can make or break the ambiance, so be selective with your songs. 

Include timeless love ballads along with a spicy mix of R&B slow jams and pop love songs. Throw in a few upbeat melodies you both enjoy dancing to, just in case inspiration strikes! Shuffle the songs so the mood rises, falls, and arcs through the soak.

Soothing Spa Scents

Introduce aromatic elements to tantalize the senses. 

Use your favorite spa-safe aromatherapy, adding to a special spa diffuser in the water or along the tub’s edge. Try mood-enhancing scents like jasmine, ylang-ylang, or sandalwood. 

Light beeswax candles with delicious fragrances such as vanilla, lavender, or warming cinnamon.

Spa-Gazing for Two

What’s more romantic than gazing at the stars with your sweetie? 

Cuddle close in the soothing waters and identify constellations in the night sky. Make wishes together when you spot shooting stars. Let conversation meander from playful banter to meaningful connection beneath the cosmic canopy. 

Hydrotherapy Magic

Maximize rest and relaxation with Wellis Spas’ specialty hydrotherapy features in the PeakLine, CityLine, and MyLine series of luxury European spas. 

Target tension-prone areas with pounding jets that practice Shiatsu massage techniques. Indulge weary muscles with rotating currents that mimic the hands of a masseuse. Melt muscle tightness away with the peaceful delivery of floating air bubbles. 

Restore serenity with swirling vortex waters colored by chromotherapy lighting.  

This Valentine’s Day, make a splash by plunging into passion. 

Surprise your sweetheart with a night tailored just for the two of you amid the intimate ambiance of your spa sanctuary. Let the bubbling waters stir your spirits and strengthen your bond.

However you choose to celebrate, soak up some quality time together. Our hot tubs are ready to help your hearts stay warm, so stop in our Mohegan Lake or New Windsor location or reach out today.

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