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Swimming Pool Service

Orange County Pools & Spas is here for your pool service and repair needs!  

Our technicians are knowledgeable, trained, experienced, and FRIENDLY! We use only high-quality parts and equipment, so you’re never getting “second best” when you lean on Orange County for your pool service needs.

We offer a comprehensive line of services including pool opening, pool closing, water testing and chemical balancing, cleaning and maintaining equipment, and repair work. Contact us today.

Pool Openings

Many pool owners lose weeks per year of FUN swim time, merely because opening their pool is a task they put off. Never again miss days of spring swimming, because Orange County Pools and Spas can take care of opening that pool for you! Our technicians are fully trained and experienced in opening pools, including safe and sanitary cover removal, balancing the water chemistry, and assuring that the filters are clean and all parts are in proper working condition. They are trained to notice and address small issues upon opening that might lead to bigger problems later. Slots fill up quickly, so schedule your pool opening as soon as possible.

Pool Closing Service

Unfortunately, even the longest, most enjoyable summer swim seasons come to an end sometime. By then, most families are busy with back-to-school, sports seasons, extracurricular activities, and of course, preparing for the fall season. Don’t worry about closing your pool! Call the experts at Orange County Pools and Spas! Our pool closing technicians are fully trained and experienced in closing pools the right way. We’ll get the water chemistry just right, remove or shut down your equipment, and even get that winter cover put into place properly. A professional pool closing this fall means a successful pool opening next spring!

Pool Questions?

Pool ownership ought to be a thoroughly enjoyable experience. If you’re plagued with questions about pool chemistry, how your equipment works, safety covers, pool health, or anything else, turn to us! We’re pros when it comes to pool questions, and we have the unique understanding and training to help New York’s pool owners when it comes to particular questions, such as local water quality, climate, and other conditions that affect your pool. Call on us with all your pool questions today!

Free Professional Pool Water Testing

The test kits that you buy and use at home are designed to identify and help you correct the most common water quality issues. However, a professional water test is still recommended on a weekly basis, so that you can identify less common issues that the home kits don’t pick up. Water testing is also recommended any time you have a persistent problem that your ordinary water chemical routine isn’t fixing. Any time you need to, bring us a fresh, unpolluted sample of your pool water. Bring it in using a clean, never used jar from home or come in and pick up one of our water sample kits. We will use our advanced computerized system to guide you into the exact products and techniques to get your pool water 100% safe, clean, and beautiful.


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Hot Tub and Swim Spa Service

Spas and hot tubs are some of the most potent stress relievers on the planet. So, keeping it in tip-top shape is important. When your hot tub needs service or a repair, call on Orange County Pools & Spas!

Spa Openings

Time to open your spa or hot tub? Time to call on the pros at Orange County Pools and Spas! Don’t miss valuable days of enjoyment in your spa. Let us open it, including water testing and chemical balancing, opening and checking the filtration and pump system, and everything else, short of hopping in and taking a soak! (We promise not to do that unless specifically invited.) Contact us today!

Spa Closing Service

Ah, boo. It’s the end of hot tub season, and as if that wasn’t enough, you now have to close your hot tub. Wait … no you don’t! Simply call on the pros at Orange County Pools and Spas and let us close your spa for you. We know all the winterizing procedures to safeguard your spa or hot tub for the sometimes rigorous climate here in New York. We winterize your spa the right way, so that opening again next season is not just a breeze, it’s a pleasure. Call us today!

Hot Tub Questions?

Owning a spa or hot tub is supposed to be all relaxation and no stress. That’s why we’re here to answer your questions, so that issues don’t become stressful for spa and hot tub owners. Wondering if that cover is good for another year? Need to know why your water chemistry is out of whack? Not sure what that funny noise coming from your pump is? We can often walk you through some simple troubleshooting and avoid a service call. Call us today so we can address your spa and hot tub questions and get you back to enjoying life, and your spa!

Free Professional Water Testing

Home water testing kits are pretty accurate for what they test, but these are simple tests and don’t give a comprehensive overview of the entirety of your spa’s water health. Orange County Pools and Spas recommends you bring a sample of your spa or hot tub water once every three months. We’ll run it through our computerized water testing system and deliver a thorough overview of your hot tub water’s health and exactly what you need to get it right. Please bring in a sample of your spa water in a clean, never-used jar or receptacle for optimal results. Our computerized water testing for spa and pool water is FREE!


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Additional services offered

Is it time for a liner replacement in your vinyl liner pool? Then it’s time to give us a ring at Orange County Pools and Spas! We replace vinyl liners with the newest designs and technologies.

Replacing vinyl liners requires a lot of know-how. Less experienced technicians may leave gaps and wrinkles in your liner, which is not only unsightly but also can lead to leaks and permanently damaging your valuable pool!

Call on the pros at Orange County Pools and Spas for all your vinyl liner replacement needs.

Every major appliance has a hiccup now and then, requiring equipment service. Orange County Pools and Spas can service your equipment for you, getting your pool or hot tub back to perfect running order. Need replacement parts? Not a problem! Call us for the pool or spa equipment service you need today!

It happens to the best of us … You come home from a long day, flip on the hot tub and … nothing. We get it. Sometimes spas and hot tubs need a little loving repair work. The technicians at Orange County Pools and Spas can be out in a jiffy to take care of your spa and hot tub repair needs, so you can come home and get the “ahhhhhh” you so rightfully deserve Call us today!

Safety covers are only truly safe when they’re properly fitted and installed. Even a small gap can be unsafe, and also may lead to dirt and debris getting under the cover and — yikes! — into your pool. Keep your family, pets, visitors, and others safe around your pool. Contact Orange County Pools and Spas today to get right-fitted and equipped with the perfect safety cover for your pool. We can handle custom pool shapes and designs, too!

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