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CoverStar Auto-Cover

Coverstar makes peace of mind easy with best-in-class automatic pool covers operated with the push of a button. In seconds, an advanced layer of protection slides across your pool, preventing access and accidents. Safety for loved ones is only one benefit, though. Our covers also protect surface quality, retain heat, reduce chemical and maintenance needs, and control energy costs so you can maximize enjoyment. Durable construction, including stainless steel components and custom measurements for a flawless fit, makes Coverstar the strongest autocover option available. But strength need not compromise aesthetics. Our covers shield without detracting from sophisticated poolscapes. Their subtle presence complements while helping eliminate danger. Four specialized Coverstar models balance safety assurance with design elegance. Numerous color choices, heat seal webbing, track options, and more let you tailor the perfect accessory for your pool and lifestyle needs. Decades of expertise converge in engineering superior products, prizing reliability, and elevating family security. Everything from manufacturing to installation keeps you covered through warranty service. Contact Orange County Pools & Spas today and discover the peace of mind only the most innovative autocovers provide.

Coverstar Pool Safety Covers Overview

  • Push-button operation for an instant safety layer
  • Prevents unsupervised access for children/pets 
  • Protects water quality and retains heat better
  • Reduces energy and pool chemical costs and maintenance needs  
  • Most robust construction with stainless steel 
  • Custom-fit based on your exact pool dimensions
  • Choice of four specialized safety models 
  • Numerous color options to complement décor
  • Industry-leading safety engineering expertise
  • Warranty support for lasting peace of mind

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