5 Reasons To Be Thankful for Your Hot Tub

Did you know that studies have shown that feeling gratitude can actually make us happier? That’s right. Just the practice of having a thankful mindset seems to have an association with our mental and physical well-being. Who doesn’t want that? Despite 2020 giving us plenty of things to not be thankful for, most of us […]

How to Dress Up Your Hot Tub This Halloween

Fall has blown in and it will be time to carve jack-o-lanterns before we know it! Changing up some of your home’s décor is a great way to celebrate every season. Whether your decorating style is simple (think a pumpkin on the porch) or more elaborate (fog machines and spiderwebs, anyone?), why not let your […]

How Hot Tubs Can Help Students Cope With Study Stress

Ask any student and they’ll tell you that study stress is all too real. Heavy workloads, the pressure to do well, a schedule packed with activity, peer competition, inadequate sleep … these are just a few of the reasons your student might be even more stressed than you are! In a study by the American […]

The Best Ways to Enjoy Your Hot Tub This Summer

When the temperatures rise, do you find yourself skipping your regular hot tub soak? You don’t have to let summer temps keep you from enjoying ,,your hot tub! Don’t miss out on all the recreational, relational, and therapeutic benefits while you’re waiting for the weather to cool off. You don’t need to! Here are some […]