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Massage chairs are not just for shopping malls anymore! 

At Orange County Pools & Spas, we’re committed to helping our clients destress and find tranquility in their own homes. Our line of high-quality Infinity® Massage Chairs provides customized, high-end massage therapy without the mall or spa trip. 

Keep reading to learn how the latest massage chair innovations deliver relaxation, restore your body, and improve overall well-being.

Targeted Pain Relief with Your Massage Chair

Life’s daily demands — work, parenting, etc. — can really do a number on your back, neck, and shoulders. 

Infinity massage chairs feature back rollers engineered to mimic real massage techniques and target tension where you need it most. Adjust rollers to pinpoint tight muscles and joints for direct pain relief without medications or trips to the masseuse. 

Just a few minutes in a massage chair can make discomfort melt away.

Massage Chairs Improve Your Circulation

The compressions, kneading, and percussion delivered by a luxury massage chair boost healthy blood flow throughout your body. 

Enhanced circulation improves oxygen and nutrient transport to tissues and vital organs. Flushing the lymphatic system is also important. Consistent massage chair use supports cardiovascular function and overall wellness in a drug-free way.

Massage Chairs Provide Peaceful Relaxation 

It’s hard to feel stressed when you’re in a blissful state of relaxation. 

Infinity massage chairs create a peaceful atmosphere with features like zero gravity recline, heat therapy, and chromatherapy multicolor lighting. As your tension subsides, your mind reaches a state of calmness. 

Make self-care and serenity just a touch away in your personal massage chair. 

Massage Chairs Increase Flexibility  

The strategic massage coverage and positioning offered by Infinity massage chairs loosen up tightened muscles and joints to expand your range of motion. 

With improved flexibility comes better mobility for everyday activities and a lower risk of strains or pulls. The chair’s pre-programmed stretches provide gentle assistance to limber up in key areas. The increased movement eases aches.

The Convenience of a Massage Chair at Home

Forget leaving home for the spa or massage studio. Enjoy high-end massage treatments from the comfort of your living room anytime. 

No appointments, traffic jams, or small talk with a stranger is required. Customize every aspect of your massage with the tap of a button. Let your chair knead out the workday while you relax at home. 

Reset Emotionally and Mentally with Your Massage Chair

There’s nothing like a massage to quiet your racing thoughts. 

As your body unwinds in the rhythmic motions of the chair, your mind follows. Feel the anxiety and mental fatigue fade as you fully surrender to present-moment sensations. A regular massage chair session gives your overworked brain a chance to refresh. You’ll feel more positive, focused, and ready to conquer challenges.

Quality Time Together 

Make your new massage chair a gathering spot for friends and family to connect and decompress. 

Take turns enjoying foot, calf, or full-body massages while catching up and laughing together. Teach your kids healthy stress management through chair massage. Set a tech-free (except for the state-of-the-art massage chair) afternoon for massage and conversation. Bond while calming your bodies and minds.

Sleep Deeper After a Massage Chair Session

Using your massage chair before bed can help lull you into the deepest, most restorative sleep possible. 

Studies show massage boosts delta wave production for enhanced sleep quality. With your body relaxed and tension melted away, you’ll drift off more easily and wake less throughout the night. 

The improved sleep leaves you feeling refreshed and restored to take on the day.

Treat yourself to the gift of regular home massages with a luxury chair from Orange County Pools & Spas

Whatever stresses or pains you contend with, a customized massage is just moments away. Contact us today so we can help you find the ideal chair to fit your space and therapeutic needs. 

Here’s to your health, happiness, and comfort!

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