Unveiling the Superior Health Benefits of Saunas


The Mayan people used saunas three millennia ago. In Finland, sauna use has been a regular part of life for almost that long, and for many Finns it still is.  Those cultures weren’t using them because they were fancy status symbols that the neighbors didn’t necessarily have. They were using them for their many health […]

8 Inspiring Ways Infinity Massage Chairs Relieve Stress and Improve Well-Being

infinity massage chair

At Orange County Pools & Spas, we can see the great value of Infinity® Massage Chairs.  We believe in a holistic approach to wellness and recreation. That’s why we offer a range of luxurious options to manage health, stress, and wear and tear, from hot tubs and swim spas to saunas and cold plunge tubs.  […]

Massage Chairs for Relaxation and Stress Relief

massage chairs

Massage chairs are not just for shopping malls anymore!  At Orange County Pools & Spas, we’re committed to helping our clients destress and find tranquility in their own homes. Our line of high-quality Infinity® Massage Chairs provides customized, high-end massage therapy without the mall or spa trip.  Keep reading to learn how the latest massage […]

How to Tap into the Benefits of Hot and Cold Contrast Therapy at Home

hot and cold contrast therapy

Hot and cold contrast therapy, alternating the use of hot tubs or saunas with cold plunge tubs, has quickly become a popular wellness routine for many. At Orange County Pools & Spas, we’re committed to bringing the latest wellness trends into your personal sanctuary. Hot and cold contrast therapy combines the restorative powers of heat […]

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