How Do I Finance a New Fiberglass Pool

How Do I Finance a New Fiberglass Pool

Having a pool in your own backyard is the dream, and it’s becoming an increasingly popular one. Maybe you’ve been thinking about it for years and you’ve just never made the leap. Perhaps it’s a new wish that you can’t stop thinking about. Either way, it’s completely understandable to consider putting in a fiberglass pool, […]

Does Snow Affect My Swimming Pool?

snow affect my swimming pool

Living in the Hudson Valley region means your pool sees a lot of winter weather. When the forecast calls for a snowstorm, especially one like we saw last month, you probably wonder, “Does snow affect my swimming pool?” While snow certainly has an effect on swimming pools, there are steps that can be taken to […]

Should You Plan a “Polar Bear Plunge” in Your Pool?

Polar Bear Plunge

For some reason, otherwise perfectly sane individuals, choose to plunge themselves into icy, freezing cold water each year on New Year’s Day. These “polar bear plunges” have traditionally involved thousands of participants and plenty of spectators. However, many events could be cancelled or virtual this year due to social distancing guidelines. Never fear, if you […]

Checking on Your Pool Cover This Winter

Once you’ve said goodbye to those glorious summer days full of sun and fun and closed the pool for winter, it’s easy to forget about pool maintenance. However, a little bit of attention goes a long way when it comes to your pool cover. Checking on your pool cover this winter will preserve its integrity, […]