12 Top Reasons You Need a Swim Spa in Your Backyard

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12 Top Reasons You Need a Swim Spa in Your Backyard

Peanut butter and chocolate. A boy and his pup. Christmas Day and snow. Ice cream and pickles. While we’re still not sure about that last one, this we know is true: some things are just better together. And that is certainly the case with a swimming pool and hot tub. This is part of what makes a Wellis® Swim Spa so wonderful to have at your home and why New Yorkers are investing in swims spas! Get the benefits of a pool and a spa in one amazing product. Here are 12 top reasons you need a swim spa in your backyard. 

Relax Your Muscles

Tight, tense muscles can result from a stressful day, a hard workout, recovering from illness, or several other reasons. Regardless of the cause, tense muscles can be painful and exhausting. Exercising in the low-impact current along with soaking in warm water with powerful massage jets can make a huge difference in relaxing muscles and giving you the relief you need.

Improve Your Cardiovascular Health

A swim spa’s ability to contribute to heart health is two-fold. First, regularly using the current for swimming, running, walking, biking, and other exercises can greatly strengthen your cardiovascular health. Second, the warm waters of a swim spa can increase blood circulation throughout the body. This can reduce inflammation and lower blood pressure, decreasing the risk of heart disease in the process. 

Improve Flexibility

Remember the days of your youth when flexibility was a natural talent? You can regain that limberness with a Wellis Swim Spa! Water’s natural buoyancy coupled with warm, relaxed muscles allows your body to move with greater reach and pull. Both stretching exercises in the water and aquatic yoga are great activities to do in your swim spa to help improve your flexibility in and out of the water.   

Aid Weight Loss

If you have a few (or more than a few) pounds to lose before reaching your goal weight, a swim spa is a great way to get to the finish line and form healthy habits. A new tool for exercise can help get your mind to refocus on losing weight. Also, in a swim spa, you can do a wide variety of exercises to shed weight. These include cardiovascular exercises, upper and lower body strength training, and core exercises. Whip your body into shape with a swim spa!

Gain Muscle

Not only can you lose fat, but you can gain lean muscle. You can complete strength training exercises with the water’s natural resistance or add aquatic dumbbells for an added challenge. You can also adjust the resistance current to a greater challenge for greater muscle gains. 

Meet Fitness Goals

Whatever your fitness goals may be, a swim spa can help you reach them. If you’re training for a marathon, trying to boost your cardio endurance, or simply walking around the neighborhood with your family with greater ease, regularly using your swim spas can help you meet and exceed these goals!

Aid in Fitness or Injury Recovery

A tough workout at the gym can leave you feeling stiff and achy. The next day is even worse thanks to Delayed Onset Muscles Soreness (DOMS). Soaking in your swim spa 18 to 24 hours after a workout can help soothe sore muscles and encourage healing and reduce inflammation. Just the same, after an injury, the increased circulation and massage jets can aid in healing. 

Gain Confidence

A more confident you is a more powerful, capable you. As excess weight begins to fall off and muscle tone improves, it makes us feel like a better, healthier version of ourselves. You will also gain confidence as your body continues to reach new fitness goals you previously thought impossible. Here’s to the more determined, more confident you!

Aid in Connections with Others

A swim spa can be the centerpiece of a backyard get-together. Invite over your friends to swim and relax with you in your swim spa. From your Wellis spa seats, catch up with old friends or invite over a new neighbor. Time spent with others in a swim spa can facilitate deeper friendships and relationships through the relaxed atmosphere it creates. 

A swim spa is also a great way to connect with your kids. Kids can swim and enjoy splashing in the pool with you all while you create healthier habits as a family. Read here more ways a swim spa is a great fit for the whole family.

Make Date Night Possible

In addition to friendships, a swim spa can be a very useful tool for connecting with your significant other. When busy schedules make it hard to find time to connect, meet in the evenings in your swim spa to relax together, catch up, and share about your day without the distraction of screens.

Aid in Stress Relief

Stress is detrimental to our physical health and mental well-being. So, melt your cares away in the warm waters of a swim spa. Regular hydrotherapy in a swim spa has been shown to lower cortisol levels, the hormone responsible for stress. In fact, using a swim spa regularly for exercise and hydrotherapy can release endorphins, the hormone that can improve mood, alleviate stress, and further improve health.

Improve Sleep

Do you frequently find yourself counting sheep to try and fall asleep? Or maybe you can easily fall asleep but staying asleep is another thing altogether. Lack of quality sleep has been shown to negatively affect your mood, cognitive abilities, eating habits, and so much more. But there’s good news! Soaking in the warm waters of a swim spa about 90 minutes before bedtime can lead to deeper and longer sleep. Wake up fully refreshed, rested, and ready for the day thanks to your swim spa!


This incredible list of health and wellness benefits is really just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to reasons you need a swim spa. A list of health and wellness benefits this long makes a swim spa well worth the investment! At Orange County Pools and Spas, we can help you get a Wellis Swim Spa in your backyard so that these benefits can become a reality for you. To learn more, stop by one of our stores in Mohegan Lake or New Windsor. Contact us to order your swim spa today!

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