Is a Swim Spa Worth the Investment?

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Is a swim spa worth the investment?

If you’re in the market for a backyard pool, new exercise equipment, or a way to have fun with your family, a swim spa can offer all of these things! The diverse functions make a swim spa a no-brainer, though it’s important to also consider a swim spa’s cost. Is a swim spa worth the investment? At Orange County Pools and Spas, we know the answer is YES! Here are some of the reasons investing in a swim spa is definitely worth it!

Invest in Quality Family Time with a Swim Spa

Quality time spent with your family is always worth it! In a Wellis® Swim Spa, you can enjoy ample time splashing, laughing, and making new memories together. Kids and adults alike enjoy using a swim spa for recreation and leisure purposes. Together, you can play pool games, chat while enjoying the massage seats, practice swimming techniques, and so much more! You can also invest time with friends in a swim spa. Even host a swim spa party with all your buddies! 

Making Health a Priority with a Swim Spa is Worth It!

Investing in your personal health with a swim spa is definitely worth it! With the help of a Wellis Swim Spa, improve your cardiovascular health, body strength, flexibility, core strength, and more! Additionally, exercising in your swim spa is convenient and quick. With your swim spa located in your backyard, get a thorough full-body workout without the hassle of driving to your local gym. A swim spa is a great way to invest in yourself.

Investing in a Swim Spa Means an Extended Swim Season 

Because Wellis Swim Spas are well insulated, smaller than traditional pools, and energy efficient, swim season can last even longer! Even with the chilly seasonal weather found in the Hudson Valley, a swim spa can stay heated with lower energy costs. If you choose, enjoy your swim spa and its many benefits all year long.

Benefiting from Whole Body Wellness is Worth It

In addition to excellent health benefits, a Wellis Swim Spa has wonderful wellness benefits. With heated water throughout, experience muscle relaxation, increased circulation and oxygen flow, stress relief, chronic pain reduction, and so much more. Further, relax in the spa seats to experience the head-to-toe massage jets. Your mental and physical wellness is an investment that is absolutely worth it!


With a Wellis Swim Spa, get exceptional quality and function. In addition, Wellis Swim Spas come with a 10-year warranty on the shell structure and a five-year warranty on the engineering parts to provide you with peace of mind about your investment. Their industry reputation backed by an excellent warranty makes the investment in a swim spa well worth it! 

To learn more about Wellis Swim Spas or swim spa benefits, contact our team at Orange County Pools and Spas. Stop by our Mohegan Lake store to see our swims spas on display and even schedule a wet test to experience the benefits for yourself. With just one swim, you’ll see a swim is an investment that is worth it.

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