Is a Swim Spa a Good Fit For a Family?

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The pace of life is as fast as ever and finding quality family time can be a challenge. You certainly don’t want to invest money in an activity that no one in the family enjoys. So, is a swim spa a good fit for a family? In fact, a swim spa is an excellent resource for family time spent together. Check out these ways you can enjoy fun family time with a swim spa.

Make Safety a Priority with a Swim Spa

Being smaller in size than a typical traditional pool, swim spas are easier to manage for safety. Typically, swim spas are less deep than custom in-ground pools and allow new swimmers to gain confidence and experience swimming in a less daunting environment. 

Use Up Less Yard Space with a Swim Spa

Kids love to swim! Kids also love to play ball and tag in the yard. With a swim spa, you can enjoy family time doing both. Thanks to Wellis® Swim Spa’s efficient size, your yard is not fully consumed by its footprint. Instead, you get a great sized pool while still having a yard for your kids to play in.

A Swim Spa Means Family Time All Year Long 

New York weather forces most pools to closed at the end of summer. However, with a swim spa your family can enjoy year-round use. Wellis Swim Spas are energy efficient, well-insulated, and smaller in size. This means heating and maintaining your swim spa year round is cost-efficient. 12 months of family time in a swim spa is a win! 

Make Health a Favorite Family Time Hobby with Your Swim Spa

A swim spa has many amazing health benefits. These include increased heart health, whole-body strength, flexibility, endurance capabilities, and more! With a variety of exercise options, each family member can partake in what he or she enjoys. Choose from swimming, running, biking, or rowing in the controlled current. Also, you can do strength training, water yoga, core exercises, and more. Exercising together as a family creates stronger relational bonds and allows health to become a habit. 

Unwind Together with the Family in Your Swim Spa 

With the busyness of life, taking time to unwind is important. Decompress together as a family in your swim spa. With up to six spa seats in a Wellis Swim Spa, the whole family can enjoy the warm water and full-body massage jets together.

Date Night For Mom and Dad in the Swim Spa

Once the family is in bed, meet in the swim spa for a relaxing date night. Enjoy the warm waters and massage jets as you chat. You can even watch a movie, listen to music, or catch up on your favorite shows while in your swim spa with an outdoor entertainment center. When mom and dad are relaxed and happy, the whole family benefits.

Excellent Wellness Benefits for Older Family Members

It is a part of life to experience chronic aches and pains as you age. Lower back pain and joint issues are among the leading complaints. With a Wellis Swim Spa, you can experience relief from these pesky body pains. Regularly spending time in a swim spa can decrease joint and muscle pain as it increases your circulation, sending increased nutrients and oxygen to troubled areas.

From kiddos and teens to mom and dad and seniors, a swim spa is a perfect fit for the whole family! Enjoy loads of quality time and make fun memories. To order your Wellis Swim Spa, contact our team at Orange County Pools and Spas today! 

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