Year-Round Swimming and Other Reasons a Swim Spa May Be Your Perfect Pool

swim spa

Year-round swimming is not just a luxury to be enjoyed by pool owners in warmer climates.  With a Wellis® swim spa from Orange County Pools & Spas, you can swim year-round in Mohegan Lake, New Windsor, or wherever you are. But there’s more to a Wellis swim spa than year-round swimming.  At Orange County Pools […]

Swim Spa: The Ultimate Aquatic Solution for Your Lifestyle

Swim Spa: The Ultimate Aquatic Solution for Your Lifestyle

Squeezing health and wellness into your already busy lifestyle can feel like quite a conundrum. This is exactly why so many New Yorkers love their swim spa! A swim spa is a versatile and innovative solution that combines the benefits of a traditional swimming pool with the luxury of a spa. Get the best of […]

Swim Spa Health Benefits

Swim Spa Health Benefits

Are you looking to take your health to new depths? Look no further than a swim spa. Combining the best of both worlds, swim spas bring the thrill of swimming and the relaxation of a hot tub together into one fantastic place. But swim spas aren’t just about fun and leisure; they also boast a […]

Top 6 Ways to Improve Your Wellness at Home

Ways to Improve Your Wellness At Home

Indubitably, we all know that health and wellness are important and something we should take seriously. Perhaps every New Year’s Eve, you plan to do so. But maybe you didn’t realize just how beneficial health and wellness can be. A healthy lifestyle has been proven to aid in increased energy, greater mental wellness, an increase […]

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