6 Swim Spa Benefits You Didn’t Know About

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6 swim spa benefits you didn’t know about

Perhaps you know that swim spas are great for swimming as exercise as well as for relaxing in the spa portion. These two swim spa benefits alone are worth the price of admission. However, swim spas have many more amazing perks that you will love! Read here for six swim spa benefits you didn’t know about. 

Pool Fun for the Whole Family With Your Swim Spa

Yes, a swim spa is an excellent choice for swimming as exercise. But it is also great for splishing and splashing with the family. In a Wellis® swim spa, family members can swim, float, play pool games, soak, relax with the massage jets, and more! You can enjoy pool-time fun with your family in a swim spa. 

Other Cardio Exercise Options as a Swim Spa Benefit

As the name implies, a Wellis swim spa is great for swimming. However, there are many other fun and effective ways to get your cardio exercise while using a swim spa. Run, bike, row, or even complete a strength training circuit to get your heart pumping using the water’s natural resistance. You can even turn on the resistance current for an extra challenge. Having many excellent and effective cardio options is one of the best swim spa benefits! 

Other Fitness Solutions With Your Swim Spa

Exercising in a swim spa isn’t limited to just cardio. In fact, there are many other fitness solutions to help you stay in shape and meet your fitness goals. These workouts include stretching, core exercises, and full body strength training. Stay fit thanks to this swim spa benefit.

Swim Spa Benefits Include Pain Relief

Reducing chronic pain is another one of the many swim spas benefits. Whether relaxing, exercising, or just having fun in your Wellis swim spa, the warm water can help ease joint and muscle pains. Additionally, the massage jets will help relax sore or tense muscles and promote increased circulation.

Improved Heart Health With Your Swim Spa

Another of the excellent swim spa benefits includes improved heart health. The warm waters in swim spas have been shown to increase your circulation, lower your resting heart rate, and even lower blood pressure. A healthier heart could be a soak away!

Benefit from Your Swim Spa as You Rehab

After an injury, surgery, or other prolonged physical limitation, you will no doubt be ready to get back to some normalcy. Another swim spa benefit is utilizing it for rehabilitation. Thanks to water’s natural buoyancy, you can complete exercises that are not possible on land. Additionally, the increase in circulation leads to greater oxygen throughout your body. This helps aid and stimulate quicker healing.


The list of swim spa benefits is long and truly incredible! Wellis swim spas are cutting edge and powerful to maximize those effects. If you’d like to learn more about a swim spa’s health and wellness benefits, reach out to our team at Orange County Pools & Spas. Stop by our store in Mohegan Lake to see a Wellis swim spa and schedule a swim test. Contact us today!

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