Year-Round Swimming and Other Reasons a Swim Spa May Be Your Perfect Pool

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Year-round swimming is not just a luxury to be enjoyed by pool owners in warmer climates. 

With a Wellis® swim spa from Orange County Pools & Spas, you can swim year-round in Mohegan Lake, New Windsor, or wherever you are. But there’s more to a Wellis swim spa than year-round swimming. 

At Orange County Pools & Spas, we’re thrilled to offer the innovative Wellis line of spas. These hybrid spa/pool products combine luxury, relaxation, and exercise in compact, convenient packages. For homeowners seeking a customized backyard oasis, swim spas provide advantages traditional pools can’t match. 

Keep reading to learn why a Wellis swim spa may be the ideal water feature addition to your home.

Year-Round Swimming with a Swim Spa

For serious swimmers unwilling to give up their lengths when temperatures drop, a swim spa is the clear choice. 

Wellis models feature current jets that generate a smooth, adjustable swim flow. By circulating the water, you can maintain comfortable temperatures for swimming, even on cold winter days. 

No more braving the chill at community centers to get your laps in! Your private swim gym is ready indoors or out whenever the workout urge strikes.

Total Body Health 

The customizable jets, currents, and temperatures of Wellis spas provide a complete mix of fitness and therapy. 

Challenge yourself with swimming sprints against resistance, or get your heart rate up with underwater treadmill running. Target sore muscles via adjustable massage jets. Varied aquatic exercise in warm water brings both physical and mental benefits year-round.

Swim Spas for Space-Savvy Backyards

For properties lacking room for a traditional pool, a swim spa maximizes aquatic enjoyment in a petite package. 

Ranging from 14′ 9″ to 19′ 8″ in length, Wellis spas don’t consume valuable yard real estate. Their adaptable shapes and sizes fit easily into landscape designs. You can even install it to create a custom look. Enjoy a pool-like experience minimized for your space.

Built-In Social Setting

The benches and seating of Wellis swim spa models create an instant in-home hangout space. 

After swimming laps or water workouts, gather friends and family to unwind. Powerful massage jets soothe sore muscles as you socialize and reconnect. With room for your whole family, swim spas are ideal for relaxing, parties, or family time during any season.  

Spa-Style Luxury  

Everything you love about hot tubs — massage therapies, elegant designs, and tranquil ambiance — are infused into a swim spa. 

Let expertly placed jets target pressure points from neck to feet. Each contemporary, crafted shell provides ergonomic support. Surround yourself in warmth as soft currents lull your mind. Wellis swim spas epitomize both physical and mental rejuvenation.  

Built to Last

From sturdy frames to HorizontSide™ synthetic wooden skirting to durable jet internals, Wellis swim spas are constructed to endure. 

Their quality components and weather-resistant materials withstand heavy use and outdoor exposure. Precision craftsmanship delivers products that function flawlessly year after year with proper care. Your investment will pay dividends for decades.

Perfect for Parties!

Entertain in style with the built-in fun of your feature-laden spa! 

The spacious benches keep all your guests comfortably immersed. Integrated audio system options allow you to set the mood with music. Color-changing LED lighting creates a festive ambiance. The massaging jets ensure everyone unwinds. 

Wellis spas provide a sublime soaking experience to gather loved ones together.

Easy Upkeep

Maintaining healthful, sparkling clean water is simple with a Wellis swim spa. 

Cartridge filtration systems only need rinsing once a month. Built-in sanitation like UV and ozone cuts back on chemicals. The small water volume requires fewer additives than traditional pools. Automatic heating and circulation settings provide convenience. 

Wellis spas save you time and costs, making ownership a pure joy.

Your Ideal Backyard Retreat

For year-round aquatic enjoyment tailored to your lifestyle and space, a Wellis swim spa is the perfect choice. 

Contact the experts at Orange County Pools & Spas to design your ideal swim spa experience. Everything from layouts and sizes to jet patterns and programming can be customized to your needs. 

Let’s bring your aquatic exercise and relaxation goals to your own backyard! The possibilities are limitless.

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