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The Mayan people used saunas three millennia ago. In Finland, sauna use has been a regular part of life for almost that long, and for many Finns it still is. 

Those cultures weren’t using them because they were fancy status symbols that the neighbors didn’t necessarily have. They were using them for their many health benefits. 

At Orange County Pools & Spas, that’s why we make saunas a key part of our wellness inventory. In particular, we offer Finnleo® saunas, whose century-plus in business connects them with that long history. We would like to help you learn more about the health benefits of sauna use to help connect you and your wellness habits to that history as well. 

Natural Heat: Healing Heat

When it comes to sauna treatments, three incredible options stand out.

Traditional saunas use hot rocks and water to induce sweating and flush contaminants from the body. These high-heat steam saunas offer a traditional feel and look.

Infrared saunas heat the body from the inside out. The light waves of infrared heat penetrate human tissue deeply and efficiently to improve cardiovascular function, relieve muscle tension and stiffness, and decrease stress levels.

Finnleo offers both traditional and infrared saunas. Want the best of both worlds? Experience the InfraSauna® for sauna soak versatility.

Use Your Sauna to Destress

The heat of a sauna session produces an effect similar to cardiovascular exercise. As your heart rate increases and you sweat, your mind reaches a state of deep relaxation. 

Regular use decreases chronic stress and the damaging effects of high cortisol levels. According to clinical studies, infrared therapy may even reduce stress, leaving you calmer and more levelheaded to take on daily challenges. 

Help Your Body 

Sweat out the nasty stuff! 

As your body temperature rises in a sauna, your heart works harder to cool you off and maintain homeostasis. This demands increased blood flow and circulation, which carries waste products out of tissues and to the skin’s surface. 

Sweating profusely for 30-60 minutes can help your body feel its best.

Bolster Your Immune System  

Not only does deep sweating flush out “bad stuff,” it also aids lymphatic drainage. 

Your lymphatic system plays a major part in eliminating pathogens and waste. Over time, lymph fluid can become sluggish, and buildup weakens immunity. Assisted lymphatic drainage from sauna use gives your immune defense a helpful hand.

Manage Calories 

Burn calories by heating your core temperature. 

As your body works to cool itself down, you can torch as much as 300-400 calories in a 30-60 minute session! Paired with a healthy diet and exercise, regular use directly supports weight loss goals. End your session by relaxing at a lower temperature to let your system gradually normalize. 

Sauna Sessions Can Give Your Skin a Pleasant Glow

Relaxing in gentle warmth not only flushes impurities from deep inside but also increases blood circulation, resulting in an attractive “glow” for your skin. 

Increased circulation nourishes skin cells with vital oxygen and nutrients. Open pores allow easy release of dirt, oil, and dead cells. Sweat washes away pore-clogging debris.  

These combined skin purification effects result in a radiant, youthful glow.

Sleep Like a Baby

According to the National Sleep Foundation, more than a third of the American population reports sleep disruption. 

Many people have trouble falling asleep and staying asleep throughout the night. Studies demonstrate that a sauna followed by a cool shower positively impacts sleep quality. 

Better sleep can have a significant impact on general health. Our bodies use that downtime to repair cells, consolidate memories, regulate metabolism, control appetite, boost cognition and moods, strengthen immunity, and more. 

Promote restful sleep with regular sessions in your sauna.  

Introduce Superior Self-Care

Make the most out of your me-time and your health with a home sauna. Finnleo saunas, carried by Orange County Pools & Spas, are sustainably constructed from high-quality woods. These wellness retreats feature industry-leading design focused on your health and enjoyment. 

Call, stop by, or visit us online now to learn more about adding Finnleo sauna benefits to your health and wellness routine.

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