Can I Use Essential Oils in my Hot Tub?

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Essential Oils in my Hot Tub

Hot tubs are relaxing; essential oils are relaxing. It only makes sense to put them together, right? Well… not so fast. While it may seem that doubling down on two soothing self-care tools is ideal, it’s actually anything but. In fact, combining the two will ultimately lead to added stress instead of relaxation. That doesn’t mean, however, that you can’t enjoy some aromatherapy while lounging in the hot tub. Let us explain!

The Confusion

It’s easy to see where the confusion on this topic comes from. After all, when you use essential oils at home, you typically put them into a device that uses steam to disperse the scent. Hot tubs give off plenty of steam, so it’s no wonder that you’d assume they’d work wonderfully for giving an immersive aromatherapy experience in your hot tub.

The Issue

The problem with putting regular essential oils into your hot tub is that your spa’s filter isn’t made to handle thick liquids like oils. Even worse, some essential oils are mixed with thick carrier oils that really cling to surfaces. In addition, because it takes time for a clog to become apparent, people often don’t notice there’s an issue with essential oil use until it’s too late. 

Hot tubs are made to circulate water, not thick oils. The filters aren’t built to pull out these thick substances and, over time, the oils hinder the filter’s performance. When the filter stops working efficiently, pricey repairs usually come next. Essential oils may also throw off the pH of your water, which means you’ll spend more time and money rebalancing the water. What’s more, not all essential oils are made to go directly onto the skin. If essential oils are circulating around your hot tub, they may cause skin irritation. 

The Solution

Set your disappointment aside because there is a solution to your hot tub aromatherapy woes! While you can’t grab your usual bottle of essential oil and drop some in your hot tub, there are aromatherapy products made especially for spas. 

Spa aromatherapy products come in several forms that hot tub filters can process and circulate. You can find these products in salt, liquid, crystals, bombs, and capsule form. Before you run out to make a purchase, it’s important to note that not all spa aromatherapy products are high quality. Good spa aromatherapy products are free of oils, have neutral pH, and are made to not leave a film on surfaces. If you want to incorporate these products into your hot tub routine, it’s a smart idea to purchase them from a reputable spa business.

The Perks

Most spa aromatherapy product lines come in a wide range of scents. And surprisingly, not all are calming scents. Some are meant to be invigorating. Choose a scent that suits your tastes and needs, or select a few for different spa soaking goals.

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