Hot Tubs for All Seasons: Enjoying Your Spa in Any Weather

Get a hot tub for all seasons.

At Orange County Pools & Spas, we sell hot tubs for all seasons. Because all hot tubs are for all seasons!  Our luxurious hot tubs from Wellis® Spa are the perfect companions for every season—summer, autumn, winter, and spring. Orange County Pools & Spas, with over five decades of excellence, is your trusted source for […]

The Ultimate Guide to Hot Tubs Near Me in Orange County, NY

The Ultimate Guide to Hot Tubs Near Me in Orange County NY

Where are the best hot tubs near me? For those in Orange County, NY, and the surrounding areas, the answer is easy: Orange County Pools & Spas. Since we first opened our store more than 50 years ago, we have developed a reputation for integrity, superior customer service, and expertise for all things hot tubs. […]

My Hot Tub Needs Repairs. Help!

hot tub repairs

Having been in the backyard business since 1969, Orange County Pools & Spas knows how great owning a hot tub can be. We also know that occasionally issues arise. In such instances, your hot tub might need some additional care. As part of our commitment to unmatched quality and customer support, we’re proud to offer […]

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