Why You Should Invest in a Pool Heater

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Did you know that pool owners in the south can comfortably use their pool for up to 6 months of the year? That, my friend, is why you should invest in a pool heater! There are so many wonderful perks to living in the Hudson Valley, but enjoying warm, swim-worthy weather for half the year isn’t one of them. However, with a pool heater, you can extend your swim season. If you’ve been on the fence about getting a heater for your pool, here are two great reasons to take the plunge.

Close late. Open early.

If you had a pool heater, you could still be enjoying swim season this year! Every year, as summer starts to transition into fall and the mornings and nights get cool, you probably say farewell to your pool, or, at best, manage an occasional afternoon swim when the sun has had plenty of time to warm the water. But, a pool heater will let you enjoy your pool anytime, day or night, long into fall. Early-morning water workout sessions, a few laps after work, sending your kids out for a swim to burn off energy after school… what would you do with a longer swim season?

Then, you’ll be able to open your pool early in the spring. You can treat your family to a backyard pool staycation over spring break and amp up the fun by diving for Easter eggs next year!

Stay fit… the fun way.

Walking on a treadmill or pumping iron at the gym isn’t nearly as fun as exercising in your pool. And get this — swimming counts as both cardio and strength training. So, with an enjoyable swim, you can get all the benefits you would have gotten by hitting the treadmill and weight machines.

Of course, swimming isn’t your only option. Do calisthenics, jog, stretch, dance, or play a game of water volleyball with your family. However you spend your pool time, every single activity will be low-impact and easy on your joints.

By adding a heater to your pool, you can enjoy all the low-impact exercises you want, long after everyone else has closed their pool for winter.

Are you ready to extend your family’s swim season? ,,Contact us to learn more about your options for heating your pool!

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