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Infinity massage chair

An Infinity® Massage Chair is more than an opportunity to get restful relaxation — it’s taking time for yourself. And at Orange County Pools & Spas, we understand the value of that.

Slowing down and prioritizing relaxation and well-being can be challenging in our fast-paced world. That’s why we’re excited to offer luxurious Infinity Massage Cairs — an immersive experience that combines total relaxation with targeted therapy. 

Soothes Body and Mind

There’s nothing like sinking into an Infinity Massage Chair’s plush, contoured seat. 

You’ll feel your tension melt away as the rollers start their rhythmic motion up and down your back. Close your eyes, take a deep breath, and let your busy mind unwind. 

The massage motors’ white noise and the kneading of your muscles create a hypnotic state of calm. Your focus zeroes in on the sensations in your body, helping you achieve mindfulness. 

For those moments, the stresses of everyday life can fade entirely into the background. 

Customizable Comfort  

While the relaxed state you achieve in an Infinity massage chair is blissful, these chairs provide much more

They deliver tailored comfort that meets your unique needs. State-of-the-art massage chairs like the Infinity line offer an array of personalization features. 

With the ability to control the placement, pressure, speed, and more, you can create a massage experience that targets your specific points of tension. The rollers reach every contour of your back, neck, and shoulders, releasing tight spots you didn’t even know you had. 

Whether you desire gentle relaxation or deep tissue therapy, you’re in complete control.

Enhances Range of Motion

As the Infinity Massage Chair rhythmically compresses and releases the muscles along your spine, your range of motion increases. The sections of your back that feel tight and immobile start to loosen up and limber. 

The chair may recline during parts of the massage to gently traction the spine. This helps relieve compression caused by sitting, standing, or bending over. 

The leg rests on specific luxury models also provide effective stretching for your hips and thighs. The chair’s mobilizing effect keeps your joints supple and flexible for ease of movement.  

Accelerates Muscle Recovery 

Therapy in an Infinity Massage Chair goes beyond relaxation. Its technique mimics that of a trained massage therapist to provide actual results. 

Kneading and compression of the muscles helps flush out metabolic waste from your tissues. This hastens muscle recovery after intense exercise or physical labor. 

Those with highly active jobs or training regimens will appreciate this benefit. The increased circulation and release of tightness help muscles feel rejuvenated. 

You’ll be ready to take on your next workout or work shift with renewed vigor.

Alleviates Discomfort 

With the relaxation and therapy you’ll experience in a luxury Infinity Massage Chair, your everyday aches and pains stand little chance. 

The chair’s rollers specifically target trigger points where muscle knots tend to form. Kneading these spots helps restore normal muscle function and balance. 

As muscles relax and knots release, you gain relief from ongoing tension and discomfort. If you deal with chronic neck, shoulder, or back discomfort, an Infinity Massage Chair is effective and convenient for managing pain without trips to the masseuse. Discomfort diminishes and mobility improves.

Immersive Options

Today’s high-end Infinity Massage Chair models offer features that make your experience even more immersive. Some options you can choose from with an Infinity massage chair include:

  • Bluetooth® Capability: Sync your smart device to the chair and relax with your favorite music and podcast selections.
  • Chromotherapy: Columns of changing colored lights create a soothing ambiance.
  • Foot Rollers: Soothe tired feet with kneading and compression.
  • Heat Therapy: Lumbar heat loosens your lower back.
  • Zero Gravity: Feel virtually weightless, fully reclined. 


These enhancements take your Infinity Massage Chair session to the next level of relaxation and renewal. Choose the features that will maximize the experience for you.

Your Ideal Infinity Massage Chair  

With its many benefits and customization options, today’s luxury Infinity Massage Chairs deliver everything you need to unwind and feel your best. 

At Orange County Pools & Spas, your exceptional well-being is our top priority. Let us guide you to the ideal chair to meet your health goals. Our experts will ensure you find the chair with the right features, therapy options, and ergonomic design. Then, we’ll deliver your new oasis of comfort to your home. 

Reach out today and schedule a consultation at our showroom to experience Infinity Massage Chair models first-hand.

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