4 Best Pool Equipment Upgrades to Improve Energy Efficiency

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Best Pool Equipment Upgrades to Improve Energy Efficiency

Are you excited for the arrival of pool season? After a long New York winter, swimming in your backyard pool this summer is sure to be filled with lots of fun, leisure, and delight. As you kick off swim season, you might consider ways to prepare your pool for maximum enjoyment. For example, stock up on chemicals, give your pool a thorough cleaning, and order new swimwear for the family. This year, you might also add a few pool equipment upgrades that will save you cost and time in the long run. At Orange County Pools and Spas, we recommend these four best pool equipment upgrades to improve energy efficiency in your pool this summer.

Upgrade to an Automatic Pool Cover

Of course, you keep your pool covered all winter long. But, keeping your pool covered during pool season can help save you from additional costs. This is because the pool cover helps insulate heated water, prevents water from evaporating in direct sunlight, and prevents your pump and filter from being overloaded by keeping out debris. At Orange County Pools and Spas, we carry the industry’s finest automatic pool cover, the CoverStar®. With a CoverStar automatic pool cover, you can easily keep your pool covered between uses. When you’re ready to swim, easily retract the cover in a matter of seconds. Improve energy efficiency with a CoverStar automatic pool cover.

Improve Energy Efficiency With a Variable Speed Pump

Another energy-efficient pool upgrade is a variable speed pump. With a single-speed pump, a high motor speed is the only option and is used every time it’s in use. This can unnecessarily sap energy when you are only filtering water. A variable speed pump allows you to adjust the speed of the pump to match the task. Variable speed pumps also use more efficient motor components, leading to energy efficiency and cost savings over time. 

An Upgraded Filter System Brings Energy Savings

If your current filter system is undersized or if your pool has a good amount of debris and use, it may be working overtime and racking up energy use. With an upgraded filter system, get increased cleaning with less energy use. Instead of running your filter system overnight or even 24 hours a day, an upgraded system can easily clean your pool in just a matter of hours. 

Save Energy and Your Schedule With an Outdoor Pool Timer

Have you ever forgotten to switch off your pool pump? Or perhaps you leave it to run while you’re away for the day or overnight while you sleep. Regardless of necessity or human error, you can eliminate any unnecessary use with a pool timer. Upgrade your pool equipment in a big way with a simple pool timer. 

Pool Equipment Upgrades at Orange County Pools and Spas

New pool equipment is not only fun, but it can also save you costs all season long. At Orange County Pools and Spas, we can help you get the right pool equipment for your pool. Stop by our store in Mohegan Lake and New Windsor to check out these four pool equipment upgrades and improve your pool’s energy efficiency. Contact our team to learn more about ways to increase your pool’s energy efficiency and other pool equipment upgrades. 

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