Let’s Figure Out Which Type of Inground Pool is Right for You

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Let’s figure out which type of inground pool is right for you

There is no denying the excitement and fun a swimming pool brings for adults and children alike! Swimming pool games, cannonballs, low-impact exercise, colorful pool floats, and poolside relaxation all become synonymous with the joys of summer. If you’re in the market for an inground pool, you want to find the type of pool that is ideal for your family and will maximize fun. Variables such as primary pool use, yard size, and personal preference can help determine the best option for you. So, let’s figure out which type of inground pool is right for you. Concrete, fiberglass, and vinyl swimming pools are all excellent options. Here are the perks of each to help you decide your favorite.

Is a Concrete Swimming Pool Right For You?

Concrete Inground Pool
Concrete Inground Pool

A concrete pool is often the first type of pool people think of when imagining a backyard pool. These pools are truly beautiful and can be fully customized. This is because a concrete swimming pool is made of a sprayed concrete mixture called gunite. You can determine the shape, size, and features, the frame is made using rebar, and then the gunite is sprayed to form the pool’s shape. The gunite is used to create a thick 10-inch wall. 

Many people love the customized options that are possible with a concrete pool. Not only are size and shape customizable, but fun features can be added as well. These may include a tanning deck, waterfall features, laminar fountains, infinity edge, and so much more! 

Additionally, a concrete pool is durable and long-lasting. These features make a concrete pool a great option for families in New York where the weather can be harsh at times. For more, read about the top six advantages of owning a concrete swimming pool.

Is a Fiberglass Swimming Pool Right For You?

Fiberglass Inground Pool
Fiberglass Inground Pool

Another great inground pool option is a fiberglass swimming pool. Fiberglass pools arrive at your house via semi-truck already formed and shaped into one piece. While your fiberglass pool is not created on-site, you can still select from a variety of features. Our Imagine® fiberglass pools come in a variety of sizes and shapes to fit your desires. 

Additionally, fiberglass pools look great and feel smooth to the touch! Fiberglass pools have a smooth, non-porous finish on the inner walls. This finish prevents algae from growing. By preventing algae growth, fiberglass pools are easier to maintain and save you chemical and cleaning costs in the long run.

When it comes to installation, fiberglass pools can be quickly installed with minimum disturbance in your backyard. If you’d like to learn more, check out these five advantages of owning a fiberglass swimming pool.

Is a Vinyl Swimming Pool Right For You?

Vinyl Liner Inground Pool
Vinyl Liner Inground Pool

The third and final inground pool option is a vinyl lined swimming pool. Vinyl pools are manufactured ahead of time and then constructed on-site in your backyard. Since the parts are pre-engineered, the installation is simple and quick. Though created off-site, you can select the size and shape of the pool you’d like. 

As the name implies, a durable vinyl material lines these pools. You can also customize the color and pattern of this liner to what you like. Check out this drone footage of the beautiful vinyl liner pool options we offer! The liner needs to be changed out about every 10 years but the pool will last a lifetime. Read more about the top advantages of owning a vinyl liner swimming pool to see if it’s right for you.

How Much Do Inground Pools Cost?

Regardless of type, an inground pool is an investment in your home and your family. You will get a lifetime of pool fun and memories. Gunite pools are typically higher in price than the other two inground pool options. Vinyl liner pools are usually the most affordable option with fiberglass pools close by. At Orange County Pools and Spas, we are committed to providing top quality inground pools for affordable 2022 pool prices.

Pop Quiz: What Type of Swimming Pool is Best for You?

  • Are you ready for the swimming fun to get started? Looking for the pool with the fastest installation time?
    • Verdict: A fiberglass pool is best for you!
  • Are you worried about harsh New York winters and how it will affect your pool?
    • Verdict: A gunite pool will fare well in all seasons and ease your worries.
  • Are you looking to customize the interior lining to protect the pool and prevent scuffed knees?
    • Verdict: A vinyl lined pool is perfect for you!
  • Excited by the idea of less algae, less scrubbing, and less chemicals?
    • Verdict: A fiberglass pool is algae resistant!
  • Hoping for an affordable but high quality inground pool option?
    • Verdict: Fiberglass and Vinyl liner pools are for you!
  • Looking for a pool to swim in, have fun, and make lasting memories?
    • Verdict: Any of our inground pools will do so! Choose your favorite!

Planning for the Inground Swimming Pool That is Right For You

If you feel consumed by your pool planning, you’re not alone. Planning for a pool can feel overwhelming at times. But at Orange County Pools and Spas, we are here to help! Read these five tips for planning your future pool. First, be certain you have a good understanding of your budget and financial limits. Also, consider the possible locations of your pool in your backyard. No matter which pool you choose to go with, you will have years of fun and enjoyment with your loved ones! 

At Orange County Pools and Spas, we are the premier choice for inground pools in Mohegan Lake, New Windsor, and beyond. We have been installing inground pools in the Hudson Valley for over 50 years with a trustworthy reputation. If you’d like help deciding which inground pool is best for your family, we can help! Also, give us a call to reserve your spot for inground pool installation. It’s never too early to start making plans. Contact us today to learn more about inground pool and book your installation spot!

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