How to Open an Above Ground Pool

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How to open an above ground pool

Mother Nature is giving us hints that spring is nearly here! Flower buds are appearing, birds are singing, trees are adding new leaves and how to open an above ground pool is on your mind. The warmer weather means it will soon be time to open your pool for swim season! If you’d like help opening your pool, Orange County Pools and Spas can help you do so. Or, if you’d like to do it yourself, here is a guide on how to open your above ground pool.  

How to Open an Above Ground Pool: Remove Your Above Ground Pool Cover

The first step is to remove the pool cover. After the winter weather we had in the Hudson Valley, you might need to use a long-handled broom to sweep away snow remains, leaves or other debris. Make sure you enlist help to remove the cover to keep it from being damaged. Once it is removed, clean the cover with mild soap and store it safely. At this time, you should also remove any winter plugs or winterizing accessories you used. Also look everything over for soundness and check for rust or other concerns.

Add Water to the Appropriate Level

Typically, when you winterize your above ground pool you lower the water levels. This protects the skimmer and return lines from being damaged in freezing temperatures. The next step in opening your pool is to refill the water to the appropriate fullness. 

Return Deck Accessories to the Above Ground Pool

In the winter, many above ground pool owners will remove pool accessories and store them safely. This protects both the pool and the accessories from harmful winter weather. As you open your pool, place these items back on the deck and pool area. This may include stairs, ladders, chairs, and more.

Connect the Filtration System for Your Above Ground Pool

Hoses, gauges, pump, filter, and skimmer: they all need to be properly reattached and put in their correct spot. Once connected, turn on the system. Be sure to check the manufacturing recommendations on your pump and filter for correct attachment and function. 

Clean Your Above Ground Pool

After a long winter, it’s important to give your pool a good cleaning. This should be done before you add chemicals. First, use a brush to scrub the walls of the pool. When you’ve thoroughly scrubbed every nook and cranny, use your vacuum to remove any visible debris. Your filter will help take care of the rest as opening chemicals clean up your water.

Add Chemicals to Your Above Ground Pool

Now, it’s time to balance the chemicals to make the water safe for swimming. First, test the water and balance accordingly. You can always bring a sample of your pool water into our Mohegan Lake or New Windsor stores where we can test your water for you. We can also help you get the chemicals you need to properly balance your pool. Then you will want to shock the pool. To learn more about pool chemicals and shocking your pool, contact us at Orange County Pools and Spas.

Enjoy Your Above Ground Pool

Finally, enjoy a fun-filled swim season with your above ground pool! 

If opening your pool on your own sounds complicated or more than you care to do, give us a call! At Orange County Pools and Spas, we can open your pool for swim season. Most pool openings happen in April and May, so get on our schedule today. Reach out to learn more and get your pool opening scheduled. Contact us today!

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