4 Reasons a Fiberglass Pool Could Be Your Dream Pool

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Creating Privacy in Your Backyard

Fiberglass pools are growing in popularity, and with good reason. While you may not know a lot about them just yet, there are numerous reasons a fiberglass pool could be your dream pool. So, if you’re currently considering your inground pool options, it’s definitely time to explore fiberglass. Here are some of the top reasons a fiberglass pool could be your dream pool.

Unparalleled Beauty

The sleek gel coating on the inside of a fiberglass pool has an eye-catching beauty that sparkles against the pool water. There’s also a wide range of colors that you can choose from for your pool’s finish. You can really customize the look of a fiberglass pool by selecting a shade that reflects your specific tastes.

With a fiberglass pool, you get to choose from deep blues that make you feel like you’re at a tropical resort, light, sparkling blues that give a sunny coastal feel, soothing greens that feel refreshing and restorative, and many others. You also have the opportunity to select a design that fits your needs and aesthetic. Fiberglass pools come in a vast array of shapes and sizes.

Warm and Relaxing

The feel of a fiberglass pool is second-to-none. That smooth inside finish is incredibly gentle next to your skin. Also, steps are generally built into fiberglass pool designs, so you don’t have awkward ladders or anything else to feel rough against your body. 

Fiberglass pools also hold heat very well, as fiberglass is an insulator. That means your pool should easily maintain the soothing temperature you like in cooler months if you have a pool heater. Extend your swim season with a fiberglass pool. You can just slip in and enjoy. 

Simple to Maintain

Another reason to be excited about having a fiberglass pool is the laid-back maintenance requirements. All pools require some upkeep, but pools are meant to give you a bit of an escape. No pool owner wants to spend their extra time scrubbing and balancing.

The smooth gel coating that makes up the inside portion of a fiberglass pool is amazingly strong. It’s also non-porous, which makes it highly resistant to algae and bacteria build-up. Fiberglass pools do not require any vigorous scrubbing. In fact, if they need wiping, a gentle wipe with a soft cloth is typically sufficient. Also, because the chemicals don’t seep through the pool shell, maintaining water balance is usually quite simple. 

Strong and Lasting

If you’re going to invest in an inground swimming pool, you want it to last a long time. Fiberglass pools are sure to win you over on this count, too. A high-quality fiberglass pool that’s well maintained can last 50 years or more. Simply care for your pool over the years and it will reward you with a very low-maintenance lifestyle.

Start Planning the Dream

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