A Papa Pool Party for Father’s Day

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Is there any kind of party dads like better than an outdoor get-together? This Father’s Day, give your Papa what he really wants … a pool party! Throwing a pool party is easy and can be as simple or as elaborate as you want. Above all, your dad will be happy and feel loved. Here are a few tips to make his day awesome.

How big do you want to go?

You know your dad will be happy with whatever kind of party you want to throw him. So, how big do you want to go? For a simple Father’s Day get-together, some good food on the grill and quality pool time with his family may be just what papa’s looking for … plus, maybe a pool-side nap! If he loves manning the grill, pick up some ribs or steaks and let him flaunt his skills while you take care of the sides.

If you want to kick the pool party up a notch, plan some games. Friendly competition is always fun at a family party. Play Marco Polo, Chicken, or ,,one of these other great pool games.

Make his gift part of the fun!

Not sure what Dad really wants for Father’s Day? Look no further than the backyard! Grilling accessories, marinades, or spices are a win. Pool games and ,,toys are another great idea. The beautiful thing about a gift like this is that it’s also a promise to Dad that you plan to spend

plenty more quality time with him this summer. Tell him you can’t wait to try what he grills with his new spice rub or that you’re looking forward to many more fun pool parties together. For your dad, that will be the best gift of all!

Now that you’ve got a game plan, do you need a little help making sure the pool’s ready for the big day? Bring in a water sample for a free test. You don’t even have to come in if you’d rather not. Just label it with your contact info, place it in the drop box by the front door, and we’ll call you when it’s ready. And if you need water chemicals or pool toys, ,,order online and we’ll have it ready for pickup in just a few minutes. With Orange County Pools & Spas, your Father’s Day bash will be one for the books.

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