3 Things to Consider Before Planning a New Swimming Pool Project

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Planning a new swimming pool may seem difficult, but it can actually be as easy as one, two, three! At Orange County Pools & Spas, we’ve been helping customers in the Hudson Valley plan their dream pools for over fifty years. Let us put that experience to use for you. Here are three things to consider before planning a new swimming pool project.

Build Your Pool Budget

The first thing to consider is your budget. Plan out how much you’re willing to spend ahead of time and then select which features and options fit within your established budget. The upfront expenses include construction, installation, excavation, and delivery. Furthermore, different construction materials come with varying costs.

While you’re establishing your pool budget, it’s helpful to also consider possible future costs. These costs may include maintenance and repairs, as well as general upkeep. While costs vary depending on the type of pool chosen, pool ownership costs generally hover around $1,000 per year, on average.

Plan Your Pool Type

This leads to the next thing to consider: what type of pool you want. Whether you want to swim laps, host pool parties, or just relax with family and friends, we’ve got you covered. As another example, if you want a pool made for diving, then take a look at pool depth before beginning the planning process. Pools can be customized in many ways. From shape to size to color to material, you can make your new pool match your vision exactly.

Orange County Pools & Spas is proud to offer inground pools, above-ground pools, and on-ground pools. These pools can be customized in various ways, which will allow you to match your own aesthetic and create your own paradise right in your backyard. For example, inground pools come in fiberglass, gunite, or vinyl, each with its own advantages.  Fiberglass pools offer strength and longevity, allowing you to enjoy your pool for years to come.

Gunite pools are extremely durable, with a ten-inch sprayed layer of concrete, surrounded by sand reinforced by a rebar framework. Once installed our team finishes and personalizes the pool with plaster, paint, tile, aggregate, etc. You have a choice about your pool surround, decking, and features.

Look at the Lay of the Land

When planning a new pool project, another useful thing to consider is the layout of your backyard. Not only will this help you choose what size pool will fit the area best, but it will also assist in planning for any possible changes in the landscape. For example, tree roots can grow into a pool’s plumbing system over time, so be sure to allow for extra room for the root system to expand.

If you’re looking for a pool option that blends well with your home or the landscape, our above-ground pools come in a variety of colors and patterns that go with any aesthetic. The same goes for on-ground pools, which can further be enhanced with pavers or a surrounding deck. Finally, above-ground pools are extremely durable, being made from industrial-strength steel, aluminum, or resin.

Once you consider these things, you can begin the process of planning a beautiful new pool. Orange County Pools & Spas will work with you during every step of the planning process. From design to construction, we’re here to help. To get started, contact our New Windsor location at 845.565.5777 or our Mohegan Lake location at 914.528.9000.

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