The Ultimate Guide to Pool Care: Maintenance, Cleaning, and Repairs

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The Ultimate Guide to Pool Service: Maintenance, Cleaning, and Repairs

When you first considered getting a backyard yard pool, you probably thought more about all the pool fun than about the necessary pool service and less about pool care. Having a backyard pool in the Hudson Valley is one of the best ways to spend a fun-filled summer. Kids and adults alike enjoy swimming, playing pool games, relaxing poolside, and enjoying the company of each other. But, in order for the fun to continue, your pool must receive regular pool service. Pool service keeps your pool clean, beautiful, and safe to use. Check out our Ultimate Guide to Pool Care including maintenance, cleaning, and repairs.

Your Guide to Pool Opening and Closing

Pool season in Orange County, NY, typically lasts from mid-spring to mid-fall. You do not want to risk opening your pool too early or closing it too late, and risking potential damage to your pool. As a rule of thumb, we recommend opening your pool in the spring once the average outside temperature is above 65 degrees F. Just the same, close your pool for the season once the temperatures fall before 65 degrees F. For the Hudson Valley, this means opening your pool in mid-April or May and closing it in September or early October.

To handle all your pool opening and pool closing needs, contact Orange County Pools & Spas. We have a team of highly qualified and experienced technicians who knows how to safely and thoroughly remove or apply your pool cover, administer the needed pool chemicals, safely reboot or shut down pool equipment, clean filters, and ensure your pool is ready for the coming months. 

Pool Care: Regular Pool Maintenance

Pool maintenance is a part of pool ownership that some pool owners dread. However, the truth is pool maintenance is not difficult, it just needs to be consistent. We recommend that you test and balance the water in your pool once a week. Each week you should also skim the surface, vacuum the interior surfaces, empty skimmer baskets, and check over the filter and pump. At any time, you can bring a sample of your pool water to one of our stores for a free computerized water test. If you’d like, we can then help you find the exact chemicals your pool needs based on the results.

In addition to weekly maintenance, we recommend you shock your pool water once a week, as well as after heavy use such as a party. 

Pool Repair or Renovation 

The last thing anyone wants is for a pool issue to sideline summer fun. If you have a concern with your pool, get it repaired quickly and correctly with Orange County Pools & Spas. With more than 50 years in the industry, we know pools.

Additionally, we can help you transform your pool into your dream pool! If you are considering a pool renovation, contact our design team. They can help you plan and turn your ideas into a reality. Pool renovations may include adding water features or LED lights, liner replacements, new equipment installation, new landscaping or coping, reducing the depth, and more. Make the most of summer and get the pool you really want with a pool renovation. 

If you have any questions about pool care or the pool services we offer, do not hesitate to contact us. We are happy to help however we can. You can also stop by one of our two Hudson Valley locations, in New Windsor and Mohegan Lake. Rest assured that we’re here to make pool care simple for you! 

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