Swim All Year Round in a Swim Spa!

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Swim All Year Round in a Swim Spa!

Don’t you hate calling an end to swim season? It’s goodbye to playing in the pool with the family; so long to staying fit and healthy the fun way by swimming several times a week; see ya next year to low-impact exercises that don’t hurt your joints. But why say goodbye to swimming if you don’t have to? What other activity provides such family fun, recreation, and fitness in one enjoyable package? You don’t want to say goodbye — you want to swim all year! If you want a home pool you can enjoy all the time, there’s one convenient solution: a Wellis swim spa so you can swim all year round.

All the benefits of having an indoor swimming pool. One beautiful, convenient package.

Few of us have the desire (or space, time, and money) to invest in putting an indoor swimming pool in our home. But that’s okay, because owning a pool you can comfortably use year-round is so much easier than that!

,,Fixr.com compiled the national statistics, and in America, the average cost to install an indoor swimming pool is $95,000. But guess what. A Wellis swim spa is a small fraction of that! Maintaining a swim spa is less expensive, too. ,,As Wellis puts it, the average cost of maintaining a swimming pool just for a few months of the year is “almost double the costs of a swim spa for a year.” Plus, having a swim spa is just so convenient! There’s space for one in every home: backyard, sunroom, patio, or in the basement or garage… a Wellis swim spa is the pool that accommodates your life.

All-Weather Swimming

From cool fall nights to snowy winter days to chilly spring mornings, if you have a hot tub, you know there’s no nicer place to be than in the warm waters of your spa. A swim spa is the same! Wellis swim spas are temperature-controlled just like hot tubs are. So, no matter what the forecast is, you can still get your swim in. Imagine how much you’ll love starting your day with “laps” in your heated pool every morning. Picture the fun you can have with your family when you pack up most other outdoor activities for winter, but you are still able to enjoy the pool together. And how much impact will a swim spa mean for your wellness when you can keep going with low-impact exercises all year long?

A Model for Every Lifestyle

There is the ,,Danube W-Flow and the ,,Amazonas W-Flow, each of which has an open swim area and two seats. Or, if you want a swim spa plus the experience of a full hot tub, check out the ,,Rio Grande W-Flow that has a swim area and a separated hot tub zone with room for six. Incredible!

Would you like to learn more about owning a swim spa? ,,Click here to read more about Wellis swim spas and to download a free brochure. Or ,,contact us. We’d love to answer all of your questions and tell you more about these great swim spas in person.

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