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Rio Grande W-Flow

Rio Grande W-Flow

There is no better home gym and personal workout system that beats the design and innovation of the Rio Grande W-Flow. As an exceptionally equipped swim spa hot tub combo, it doubles as a compact swimming pool for the best backyard exercise available. Equipped with a generous interior of 79 inches wide by 123.6 inches long, you’ll never worry about bumping the walls to get a good workout. Adjust the water flow to perfectly tailor your workouts, easing back while you get in shape and cranking it up when you’re ready for a more challenging routine. Alternatively, you can program your workout to alternate between rugged and lax, to get the benefits of circuit training.

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Rio Grande W-Flow Hot Tub by Wellis

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Dimensions 19′ 8″ × 7′ 8″ × 4′ 9″
Seats 1 reclining place
5 sitting places
swim area
Net weight/ Water volume 3 043 lbs / 1 821 gallons
Frame Stainless steel
Side cover HorizontSide™ UV-proof wood textured
Reinforcement Fiberglass reinforced
Insulation Polyfoam (1.4 in/0.4 in)
Drains 2 pc D50 ball valve
Hydromassage 240V 60Hz 42A
Swim Spa 240V 60hz 53 A
Control box Gecko (IN.YE-3 + IN.YE-8)
Control panel 2 x SmartTouch (K-1000)
Total number of jets 41 pcs + W-Flow system
Laminar fountain jets 3 X 3 pcs
Waterfall 1 pc
Heater 2 x 4 kW
Pumps (hydro massage) 2 pcs 3HP 1 speed + Circ. pump
Pumps (swim spa) 3 pcs 3HP 2 speed + Circ. pump
Filtration 2 pcs + 1 pc Superfine paper filters
Water sanitization 2 pcs UV-C + Ozone
LED lights 16 + 18 pcs LED
+ illuminated control valves
Headrests 3 pcs
Sound system AquaSoul™ Pro 4.1
SmartPhone app – wifi connection yes
Thermo cover yes (standard 5-3.5 in)
Liquid aromatherapy yes
Swimming stick yes
Heat exchanger preparation yes
  The Rio Grande swim spa is available with semi-cabinet – what makes possible to sink the spa halfway only in the ground without any concrete preparation.

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