Is a Home Court a Good Investment for My Home?

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Is a Home Court a Good Investment for My Home?

Swoosh. Spike. Slam. Without a doubt, you know having a basketball, tennis, or other home court in your backyard would be fun! At Orange County Pools and Spas, we can turn your childhood dream of a backyard court into a reality. But, a home court is about far more than having a good time; it’s also an excellent investment. Here are a few ways a home court is a good investment for your home.

Real Estate Investment with a Home Court

Increase Your Property Value

With the addition of a high-quality home court, you instantly increase your property value by thousands of dollars. Not only is your home more valuable, a home court can also lead to greater interest on the real estate market and result in more competitive offers. This is especially true since the days of quarantine, as home buyers are searching for more fun and unique activities to do from home. 

Easy to Maintain

When it comes to backyard entertainment options for the whole family, a home court is one of the easiest to upkeep and maintain. The only regular maintenance required is clearing leaves, twigs, or other occasional debris. At Orange County Pools and Spas, we surface our home courts with MateFlex® Sports Tiles that are known for their low maintenance quality. As a result, our home courts look great even after years of use!

Less Landscaping Needs

The addition of a home court also means fewer landscaping needs around your property. How would you like to trade time spent pruning, weeding, or mowing for more time shooting hoops? Yes, please!

Family Investment with a Home Court

Everyone wants to increase quality time with their family. A home court allows you to do just that! Whether it be a basketball, tennis, racketball, or pickleball court, make unending fun memories with your family. More time on the court also means less time spent scrolling and staring at screens.

Social Investment with a Home Court 

A court is a great spot to host friends in both small and larger groups. Play a casual game after work with a friend or host a neighborhood tournament and everything in between. Your kids will also love having friends over to make use of your home court, giving them a place for safe fun.

Self Investment

Your game is not the only thing that will improve by having a home court at your home. Count on your personal health and wellbeing improving as well. With easy access and fun games to play, a home court allows you to invest in yourself with an exciting tool for exercise and health. Instead of a trip across town to the gym, head to your backyard for a cardio filled game of basketball or tennis. Make your health a priority with a home court.

Give us a call to start the process of installing a home court in your backyard and benefiting from this amazing investment. After designing the perfect court for your family, installation typically takes less than a week. Contact Orange County Pools and Spas to begin!

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