How to Stay Limber After 50 by Swimming

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When it comes to flexibility, it really is a case of use it or lose it. If you stop using, flexing, and stretching muscles, you can’t help but become less limber. This is the reality for most of us as we age… but it doesn’t have to be! It is possible to stay limber as you age. In fact, swimming is an effective and fun way to stay limber after 50. Here’s how.

Get Moving…

Swimming is an amazing full-body workout. Not only do you get your heart pumping (it’s a great cardiovascular exercise!), but swimming engages many muscle groups at the same time. Arms, back, legs, core… they all get involved. The ,,overall health benefits are awesome. And that includes flexibility. As you swim through the water, you engage, stretch, and elongate your muscles, which is exactly what you need to do to increase flexibility.

And the Water Will Support You

Your pool offers another major benefit you don’t want to overlook: buoyancy! While you’re in the water, it supports part of your body weight, depending on how deep the water is. For instance, if the water is up to your waist, it’s supporting about half your body weight. If you’re neck-deep, the water is supporting about 90% of your body weight. Put simply, the water takes a lot of pressure off your joints.

So, while you’re in the pool, you can jog longer, stretch deeper, and engage your muscles in ways you can never seem to do on land. This is a perk you definitely want to take advantage of if you’re looking to stay limber.

The time you spend stretching, plus the way swimming elongates your muscles, and you’ll notice increased flexibility in no time! If you want to see the biggest benefits, make swimming a regular part of your routine. No pool of your own? ,,We can help with that! From above-ground vinyl pools to in-ground fiberglass and concrete pools, we’ve got the ,,perfect one for your backyard. Contact us today!

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