Creating Privacy in Your Backyard

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Creating Privacy in Your Backyard

Getaways can be created in the privacy of your own backyard. Don’t have time for a vacation? Does the thought of traveling exhaust you? With pandemic restrictions making family getaways next to impossible, try a staycation in the privacy of your own backyard.


Disconnect from Rigors

Studies have shown that family fun time not only gives your “office brain” a time to disconnect, but it creates new memories for your kids that last a lifetime. And you might be surprised to know that the disconnect is beneficial for your children as well. Time spent on screens such as computers, phones, and gaming takes so much of their time. While the use of some of these devices is required, others are completely voluntary. Give them a private place to disconnect from screens while at home and engage with the family. This is one of the many important reasons we should be creating backyard privacy in our own space. The privacy of the backyard pool experience is one of the safest therapeutic activities that will benefit the entire family.


Your Own Private Court

There are many new regulations, guidelines, and mandates that have been pushing us to stick close to home. What a relief to know there is another option for our growing families in creating safe backyard privacy. Besides having the option to put a pool into your backyard space, at Orange County Pools & Spas, we also offer the option of home courts. Have a son or daughter who loves sports and recreational activities? Do you and your spouse love to challenge one another to a competitive tennis match? Provide a safe and healthy environment for the whole family to practice their craft or hobby by installing a court. You can choose from several of our customizable options.


Designing the Rough Draft

When it comes to your backyard getaway, you really can’t go wrong. Orange County Pools and Spas offers a wonderful variety of products to help create the perfect backyard environment that is custom for your family and space. Once you have decided which options you want to include in your backyard oasis, you can begin by drafting your ideas and needs. 

Don’t forget to let our professionals assist you on this part. We will help you design the perfect private space for your family. Keep in mind you might want to bring in some foliage. Large bushes or tall trees planted in a row formation make a beautiful and natural divide between your property and the neighbors. Tall evergreen trees planted in row formation will eventually provide more coverage than even a fence. This would be beautiful for a large space. Whereas a Sky Pencil Holly tree might fit smaller spaces, but still provide privacy and wonderful scenery. Of course, installing a natural wooden fence is always a reliable option. The perfect look for your space depends entirely on the square footage of your backyard, angles, and the distance between your property and the neighbors’. 


We would love to begin dreaming with you about your own private backyard space by giving you a quote, talk about your options or help you design your initial draft.

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