Cool Exercises to Try in Your Swim Spa

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Staying active can be a challenge when you’re not able to visit a gym. Luckily, if you own a swim spa from Orange County Pools & Spas, you have a whole new world of fitness right at your fingertips. To boost your daily at-home workouts, try out these cool exercises in your swim spa.

Unlimited fitness. Exceptional results.

Swim spas have become such a popular workout tool that there are many pieces of equipment designed specifically for them. From aquatic weights to underwater bikes, you have incredible options.

Swim spa workouts are popular for two main reasons. One, they provide gym-style workouts in the comfort of your home. Two, when you workout in the water, buoyancy eliminates stress on your body and joints. Exploring your options is sure to get you the fun and fantastic fitness routine you deserve.

Different Swimming Strokes

Swimming is the optimum full-body workout. Whatever your physical ability, doing laps in your pool is what makes swim spas famous. And with a Wellis swim spa from Orange County Pools & Spas, your swim routine is completely programmable and customizable. When you want more of a challenge, there are a variety of swimming strokes of different difficulties.


Rowing exercises are great for your back, core, and arm muscles. This is an exercise that is impactful at building strength and endurance. If you want all of the weight strength of the gym, with all of the luxury of a pool, check out the Wellis Amazonas W-Flow.


Walking is also fantastic for your body. And walking or jogging against the current of a swim spa is even more incredible! The water provides just the right amount of resistance to keep your heart rate elevated and your joints at ease. It’s the perfect workout, day or night.

Weight Training

Weight training in a swim spa is another fantastic fitness option. With aquatic weights and resistance paddles designed especially for water, you’ll be able to build your core and muscles.


Stationary bikes are a favored method of cardio for many gym-goers. Moving the bike into your swim spa provides you with the additional resistance of the water and gets you outside. An aquatic bike is a win-win for those wanting to shake-up their routine.

We hope this list of cool swim spa exercises will inspire you to add something new to your exercise routine. And once you’ve hit your heart-rate target for the day, maybe take some time to sit in the spa, kick on the jets, and relax in your luxurious recovery cove.

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