How to Have a Better 2021 with Your Hot Tub

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The year is coming to a close, and it’s probably safe to say that few people are going to miss 2020 as it makes its big exit. Most are watching 2021 with a hopeful eye. While we have no idea of exactly what’s waiting for us around the corner, there are ways to ensure some positivity in the new year. Having a hot tub is a great source of enjoyment and one that can bring some much-needed joy to an uncertain time. Here are some additional ways that you can have a better 2021 with your hot tub.


Much of 2020 has been about distancing ourselves from others to maintain health. While we don’t currently know how long these measures will be necessary, having a hot tub can help with connections within your social bubble. Many people are working from home these days and, as such, are blurring the lines between work time and family time. Taking some time out to soak with loved ones can help with this reconnection.

Self Reconnection

Speaking of working from home (or working long hours due to new guidelines/regulations), a lot of people are having trouble breaking away from their work pressures. Reconnecting with yourself is important, too. Taking a daily dip in the hot tub gives you a bit of time to yourself to recharge and relax.

Boost Immunity

Everyone is on high alert about germs these days. Studies have shown that an increase in body temperature helps the body knock out some invaders faster. Infected cells tend not to like the warmer water temperature, so soaking in a hot tub may actually be as healing as it feels. While there’s certainly no guarantee that a warm soak will wipe out possible infections, it’s worth a try and is pretty much assured to turn your mood around.

Better Sleep

Getting great sleep improves so much in life. When you’ve been sleeping well, you feel more energetic, you’re in a better mood, and you can even boost your overall health. Unfortunately, sometimes sleep eludes us, despite trying very hard to get the rest we need. This is another area where your hot tub can really improve your life. Researchers have found that having a warm soak one to two hours ahead of going to bed helps people fall asleep faster and enhances sleep quality.

Soothe Aches and Pains

Whether you’re dealing with a muscle pull, have chronic muscle pain, or suffer from headaches, a hot tub can help soothe your discomfort. Between the relaxing pressure of the jets and the blood vessel dilation caused by the warmth, hot tubs can really ease your body strain. 

We’re Here to Help

If you don’t yet have a hot tub, but are intrigued by the possibilities, we’d be happy to help. Our experienced staff can guide you through our range of incredible spas and answer all your questions. If you already have a hot tub, we have all the supplies you need to keep it running in tip-top shape. Browse our online store or stop by and see us today!

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