3 Alternative Ways to Play On Your Home Court

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When you decide on the perfect Home Court for your family, you’re probably picturing 3-on-3 basketball games involving every member of the family. Or is a tennis match with your spouse on Saturday mornings more your style? Maybe you’re looking forward to all the roller hockey guys’ nights in your future. But don’t stop there! Whatever type of Home Court you opt for, there are more ways to play on it than you might first think.

Think Outside the Paint

When you pick a ,,Home Court from Orange County Pools & Spa, we’ll help you design the ideal court for your family. If you want a basketball court for your soon-to-be-draft-pick child to practice on, we’ll create exactly what you need. Same if your family wants a tennis, volleyball, or netball court. But, even more, thanks to their unique surface, our courts are really designed to be multi-sport courts. When it comes to picking what to play, think outside the paint! Even if your family usually plays basketball, keep a net handy for tennis, volleyball, and badminton. Hold on to a couple of goals for roller hockey, soccer, and handball. With a Home Court, the whole family will have a playing surface for their favorite activities.

Improve Skills with Drills

One of the great things about having a ,,Home Court is that it provides the perfect opportunity to build skills and help your kids improve their game (or for you to improve your own). The extra practice they get by playing their sport at home will help grow their skills. But, drills can help even more. Also, drills are a great way to get your kids active and on the court when there aren’t enough people to play a full game or when your child is playing solo.

Need ideas? ,,Sharks & Minnows or Dribble Limbo can help your beginning basketball player improve his dribbling skills. Play ,,Around a Circle or do serving drills, as suggested by TennisCamper.com, to help your budding tennis player improve. Or USSportsCamps.com suggests these ,,One-Man Volleyball Drills to take your volleyball game to the next level.

Broaden Your Repertoire

Your Home Court is going to be awesome for getting your kids to lay down their electronics and go outside and play. But even their favorite sport might become boring if your family is always playing the same thing. That’s why it’s wise to keep some unexpected games in your back pocket.

For example, if you usually play 2-on-2 basketball or H.O.R.S.E., a game of ,,Buzzer Beater or Firing Squad can be a nice change that gets your kids fired up and excited to play.

Now that we’ve given you some ideas, do you have visions of your own dream ,,Home Court? We want to hear about them! Let us create the perfect place for all of your recreational needs. ,,Click here to learn more about our Home Courts and download a free brochure. Or, ,,contact us and let’s get started on your ideal court. Your days filled with the best in backyard fun are right around the corner.

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