Winter Maintenance Tips for Pools

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Getting your pool closed properly and staying on top of a few winter maintenance tasks is all about having a quick and easy pool opening next spring. We’ve all seen pictures of the dreaded green pool when the cover is lifted to open it. All that means is that the pool owner didn’t close their pool properly in the fall. If you want to do as little clean-up and maintenance as possible at the start of pool season next year, follow these easy winter maintenance tips for pools.

Picking the Right Time

You may have taken your last dip in the pool weeks, or even months, ago, but you didn’t close your pool then, did you? It’s important to keep your pool up and running — and keep going with your weekly application of water chemicals — until the weather has cooled off. Warm water is just what algae need to bloom and grow. So, in the future, always wait until the days are consistently cooler than 65°F to close your pool. But don’t worry, if you closed your pool too early, you’re not doomed to a green pool in the spring. Go ahead and uncover it, sanitize the water, and clean off any algae from the walls that you see. Or, at the very least, peel back a corner of the cover and add some shock.

Closing Your Pool

The absolute easiest way to get your pool closed for winter is to call in the ,,Orange County Pools & Spas service pros to close it for you! We’ll clean your pool, winterize it, test and treat the water, and secure your pool cover. If you plan to close your pool on your own, here’s a general guideline of things you need to do.

  • Clean your pool.
  • Balance the water like normal. (Bring us a water sample for a free expert water analysis beforehand, and we’ll make recommendations on treating it.)
  • Add winterizing chemicals.
  • Remove pool accessories.
  • Drain water from the filter, pump, lines, and heater.
  • Drain the water so it’s 4-6 inches below the skimmer.
  • Install your cover.

Mid-Winter Tips

Once your pool is properly closed, there are only a few things to do over the winter.

  • Clear your cover of leaves and other debris, if any accumulates.
  • Remove standing water from your pool cover using an automatic pump, sump pump, or a shop vac.
  • If you have an above-ground pool, regularly check that the cover cable is still tight and that the air pillow is still inflated.
  • If you have a mesh pool cover, you may need to periodically drain the pool to below the skimmer.
  • You may consider adding an enzyme treatment to your pool during the off-season. It’s formulated to work in cold water and will break down organic, non-living contaminants that find their way into the water over the winter. An enzyme cleaner will target any hair or body oils left behind from swim season, dead insects, bird droppings, and the like.

Also, remember that in off season or swim season, we’re here to help! If you have questions about maintaining your pool this winter, ,,contact us.

Need winterizing chemicals or other supplies? Stop by or ,,shop online.

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