Why Millennials are Choosing Fiberglass Pools

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A hugely popular source of entertainment and fun, backyard pools keep families relaxed, happy, and smiling all summer long. Creating the ideal backyard oasis with a sparkling blue pool has enormous appeal, and not just for those with families. Millennial homeowners are installing pools at a rapid rate as a retreat to chill out and entertain friends in the privacy of their homes. But if you’re wondering, why millennials are choosing fiberglass pools specifically, we’ll need to look a bit more closely.

Many amazing options exist today when it comes to deciding on the right pool for your backyard paradise. It is no wonder that tech-savvy, health-conscious, and forward-thinking millennials place fiberglass pools as their number one choice. There are so many benefits that fiberglass pools have to offer. 

Let’s dive into some of the fantastic benefits of these modern pools that are capturing technologically advanced millennials’ attention.


Speedy Installation Process

Installing a fiberglass pool is generally a quick process once you’ve received your permits and have chosen a pool design. Most fiberglass pools are ready to be enjoyed within a few days/weeks once the project begins. This speedy construction process appeals to millennials on many levels, fitting into their busy lifestyles with ease. 


Headache-Free, Low-Cost Maintenance

On-the-go millennials love the fact that fiberglass pools are easier to maintain and keep clean. The smooth, non-porous, scratch-free fiberglass surface doesn’t attract bacteria as quickly. That means less scrubbing and vacuuming! Fiberglass pools also stay pH balanced with less chemical usage, giving millennials more time to enjoy their pools and more money in their pockets. Pool guests love the smooth pool surface and lower chlorine levels!


Oodles of Options: Select From Various Shapes and Sizes

Millennials want exciting options when it comes to selecting a fiberglass pool. Fiberglass pools come in a plethora of intriguing designs. Orange County Pools & Spas, offers a wide variety of different shapes and sizes from which you can make the selection that will beautify your backyard oasis. You can choose from compact pool options to fit smaller backyards or expansive pool options for bigger spaces. What shapes and sizes appeal to you? Select from rectangular and square-shaped pools to fiberglass pool shapes with flowing curves and rounded edges. Many choices are available to fit your budget and meet your needs while enhancing the space in your backyard.


A Smart Choice for Challenging Environments

These days, there is a trend towards greener thinking. Millennials see that fiberglass pools are a smart choice because they are environmentally friendly. Fiberglass pool owners use fewer chemicals to maintain their pool’s health. Fewer chemicals are needed in fiberglass pools to eliminate stains too, as it’s rare to even see stains. In addition, due to their insulating properties, fiberglass pools take less time to heat and hold their heat well. This results in less energy usage. 


Interested in a Fiberglass Pool?

Those are just a few of the reasons why millennials are choosing fiberglass pools! Orange County Pools & Spas is your one-stop shop for top fiberglass pools. We have decades of experience and a great depth of knowledge to guide you as you plan your perfect backyard oasis. Reach out to discuss fiberglass pool options and design ideas! 

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