Why a Swim Spa is Perfect for Summertime

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One of the great things about owning a swim spa is that it has temperature-controlled water, so you can enjoy a nice warm swim year-round, even when there’s snow on the ground. But don’t let that make you think you’ll just use your swim spa when the weather’s cool. A swim spa is perfect for summertime, too!

It’s a Family Affair

You may have visions of perfecting your backstroke in the continuous, adjustable-speed current. But your kids are envisioning sunny afternoons playing in the pool with their friends. With a ,,Wellis,® Swim Spa from Orange County Pools & Spas, everybody gets what they want! There’s plenty of splash space for the whole family to hang out. Turn off the current and play volleyball, swim under to scoop up dive toys, or just lounge in the water. Or turn on the current and let your kiddos practice swimming, challenge each other to races, or do some aquatic workouts. And of course, make plenty of time for you and your partner to enjoy a relaxing hydro-massage in the jets.

The Adjustable Temperature is a Game Changer

Do you love getting in your workout in the morning? A lot of traditional pools don’t have heaters, and the water can be downright cold first thing in the morning. But, with a Wellis Swim Spa, cool mornings or chilly evenings can still be enjoyed with a warm swim or workout.

Installation is Quick and Easy

Compared to a traditional pool, installation is remarkably fast. There’s little site prep. It’s just a matter of preparing the foundation pad, plumbing, and electrical. Then, on the delivery day, it takes mere hours to get your new swim spa installed and set up. You’ll be taking your first swim in no time at all!

If you want a pool you can enjoy through every season, you can’t go wrong with a swim spa. Ready to see a Wellis Swim Spa in person? ,,Come visit us! And for now, be sure to ,,download your free brochure.

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