What’s the Best Type of Swimming Pool for New York?

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What’s the best type of swimming pool for New York?

New Yorkers, we may not see eye to eye on everything. But, this we can certainly agree on: we are ready to bid farewell to the cold and snow, and say hello to spring and summer weather! In 2023, spend your warmer, sunny days refreshed and relaxed with a backyard swimming pool. But, what is the best type of swimming pool for New York? The answer can vary based on your backyard, swimming needs, personal preferences, and other factors. Here are the best options for a New York swimming pool. 

Inground Swimming Pool 

An inground pool is the quintessential summer pool and great for spacious New York backyards, though small pools are growing in popularity, as well. With an inground pool, you can choose between fiberglass, gunite (concrete), or vinyl liner options. Each has its benefits, and the best one for you may be different for each person.

Fiberglass pools are beautiful, come in a variety of sizes and shape options, and are quick and easy to install. Imagine® Fiberglass Pools are strong and weather durable. You can even add on a splash pad, jets, or spa to complete your backyard look. As your pool builder, we can have your Imagine Fiberglass Pool installed in as little as two days.

Gunite pools are fully custom-built to get exactly what you desire. No doubt, a custom gunite pool is going to be stunning, extremely durable, and loads of fun. Choose your pool shape, size, accessories, features, interior finish, personalization, and more. Though, as a result, gunite pools can require a higher budget and have an extended installation time. 

Finally, a vinyl liner pool is an excellent way to go and more affordable than the other inground pool options. Vinyl liner pools also give you the ability to add a colored interior, design features, textured steps for safety, and more. Enjoy a beautiful and smooth interior finish in your custom pool shape and size.

On-ground Swimming Pool

An on-ground pool is one that is installed partially in the ground and partially exposed. On-ground pools are a wonderful addition to any backyard, giving it a chic look and place to enjoy time with family and friends. Choose from round, oval, or Grecian shapes in a variety of sizes. Additionally, the Ultimate Fitness Pool® is an on-ground pool that comes equipped with a dual jet system that allows swimmers to exercise in the stream of varied intensities for a low-impact workout.

Above-Ground Swimming Pool

Our Carvin® Above Ground Pools are simple to maintain, quick to install, minimally invasive, and fun for the whole family. Carvin Pools are available in a variety of sizes from 12 feet all the way up to 33 feet in diameter. These above-ground pools are robust, modern, and high quality. 

No matter which type you choose, having a backyard pool in New York is guaranteed fun and the perfect way to enjoy those warm spring and summer months. To get started with the planning and installation of any of these three pool types, contact Orange County Pools & Spas, the premier pool builder for the Hudson Valley. Give us a call or stop by either of our stores in New Windsor or Mohegan Lake to ask questions or schedule a design meeting. Additionally, we can chat with you about our trusted financing partners to make the pool-building process quick and hassle-free. We look forward to building summer fun for you and your family! 

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