What Spa Supplies Do I Need for My Hot Tub This Spring?

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What Spa Supplies Do I Need for My Hot Tub This Spring?

Rejoice! Warmer weather has arrived and it’s time to enjoy the beautiful spring in Orange County, NY. Spring is also a wonderful time to use your hot tub. To prepare for spring and summer use, here are the spa supplies you need for your hot tub and where to find them. 

Spa Supplies for Spring Cleaning

Without a doubt, we know you enjoyed using your hot tub this winter to relax, socialize, and rejuvenate. But now, after months of winter use, it’s time to give your spa a good spring cleaning. Spring cleaning your hot tub includes draining and refilling the water, cleaning the filters, and cleaning your spa’s interior and exterior surfaces.

Supplies for Draining and Refilling Your Spa

To drain and refill your spa water, you will need a spa cleaner, a pump, and a garden hose. Start by adding the spa cleaner, such as Wellis® Crystal Spa Cleaner, to the water for 24 hours. Run the jets for at least 20 minutes as well. 

Time to drain the water. For many spa brands, a pump is required to do so. If you have a Wellis Spa, however, no pump is needed. These wonderfully designed spas were made with the user in mind. Simply pull out the draining cap, located along the base of your Wellis Spa. Once it is all the way out, take off the cap and connect a hose. To start the draining process, push the drain cap back in halfway. 

After draining your hot tub, you may also like to have a wet and dry vacuum to remove any remaining water along the jets or seat areas.

Supplies for Cleaning Your Filter 

While your water is draining, it is a great time to clean the filter. You will need a filter cleaner, a container to submerge your filter, and a hose. Place the filter in the container along with a filter cleaner and hot water for 60 to 90 minutes. After this time, use the hose to carefully clean between each of the accordion folds. 

Supplies for Cleaning the Spa’s Surfaces

Now that your spa is drained, it’s time to clean both the interior and exterior surfaces. Spa supplies for this step are simple. You only need a hot tub surface cleaner, a non-abrasive towel or sponge, and a little elbow grease. Wipe down all the surfaces on the inside and outside of your spa. Then, be sure to rinse thoroughly and drain again.

Spa Supplies for Spring and Summer Spa Use

Now that your hot tub is sparkling clean, it’s time to put it to good use. Using your hot tub in the Hudson Valley’s warmer months is the perfect way to unwind, recover, and soothe your body. This spring, the spa supplies you’ll need are hot tub chemicals, including sanitizer, pH decreaser, and alkalinity increaser, and water test strips.

Alternatively, you can bring a sample of your hot tub water into one of our stores, located in New Windsor and Mohegan Lake, for a free computerized water test. Other spa supplies you may like to have include a hot tub skimmer, clarifier for the water, and oil water sponges.

All of these spa supplies can be found at the best hot tub store near you, Orange County Pools & Spas. Our team can help you find the hot tub chemicals you need. Or, make hot tub use even easier this spring by signing for our auto-ship program for hot tub chemicals. With this convenient program, we will deliver your spa chemicals right to your house. Choose from 4-month or 12-month supply options. To learn more about our auto-ship program, or about spa supplies contact us today! 

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