Top 5 Body Areas a Massage Chair Targets

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Top Body Areas a Massage Chair Targets

Ouch, oof, oww! Whether from stress, the effects of aging, or a hard workout, aches and pains can occur all over your body. And, regardless of which body area they occur, your only wish is for the hurting to stop. An Infinity® Massage Chair is just the tool for that. Here are the top five body areas a massage chair targets and how it can help relieve the pain.

1. Focus on Neck and Shoulder Pain

The neck and shoulder muscles are the first of your body areas to feel and carry stress. This leads to tight, stiff, and painful deltoids, traps, and other muscles in this region. Stress-induced neck and shoulder pain can affect your ability to perform simple daily tasks, decrease your sleep quality, and more.

However, an Infinity Massage Chair is highly effective at working out and resolving these stress-related concerns. Start up the 3D/4D deep-tissue massage rollers and air compression abilities of your massage chair to eliminate the stiffness and strains in your neck and shoulders.

2. Eliminate Pain Along Your Back

Even the smallest ache or pain in your back can leave you feeling rough and sideline you from your normal activities. The powerful massage rollers in an Infinity Massage Chair are designed to target back pains by traveling the entire length of your spine with impressive and effective massage capabilities. You can adjust the intensity, focus on a certain spot, or use one of the preset auto programs to help eliminate pain in your back.

With an Infinity Massage Chair, you can make use of the Zero Gravity position, which tilts you backward until your legs are even with or above your heart. Resting in this position more evenly distributes body weight and removes stress along your back.

Additionally, our massage chairs use heat therapy to target pains across all body areas. This is especially helpful when you have chronic back concerns. Heat therapy helps decrease pain and increase flexibility.

3. Target Your Legs with a Massage Chair

Your legs are composed of many parts from glutes and hamstrings to knees and calves. Each is integral to everyday functions such as walking, driving, working out, and more. Using a massage chair that targets your legs will not only help relieve pain but also keep the muscles feeling fresh, energized, and ready for anything. Additionally, the massage rollers and heat therapy can help increase your legs’ range of motion and aid in workout recovery.

4. Pinpoint Your Arms and Hands

Perhaps arms and hands are one of the body areas you’re least likely to think of when considering a massage chair. However, your arms and hands endure a lot every day and can benefit greatly from a massage chair. Infinity Massage Chairs uses air compression massage along the arms and hands to improve circulation and rejuvenate these overused muscles. 

5. Concentrate on Your Foot 

Your feet are one of the top body areas a massage chair targets! Infinity Massage Chairs include as many as three Shiatsu Massage Rollers for each foot along with air compression and heat therapy. Happy feet make for improved overall well-being!

With a wide range of models and options, we can find the perfect Infinity Massage Chair for you and your aching body areas at Orange County Pools and Spas. Visit out our Mohegan Lake Store to try out the Genesis Max 4D and the Riage X3 models on display. Or contact either store to order yours today!

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