The Small Backyard Pool Alternative: Swim Spas

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At Orange County Pools & Spas, we are committed to making sure our customers get the most out of their backyards. Whether you live on acres of land or in the middle of the city, we want you to enjoy the great outdoors. If your yard can’t fit a pool, we have the perfect small backyard pool alternative: a swim spa.


What is a swim spa?

As their name implies, swim spas are a perfect combination of pools and home spas. They feature powerful resistance jets, which create a constant swim current. This allows you to swim in place for as long as you would like. These jets are adjustable so you can set the speed to your fitness level. Swim spas also feature seats where you can relax and enjoy traditional hot tub hydrotherapy — getting the most out of your incredible massage. With so many features, swim spas are the perfect solution to summer fun.


Are swim spas really smaller than pools?

Most of them, yes! Swim spas come in a variety of sizes. Unlike hot tubs, they only come in a single rectangular shape. This can be convenient as it makes them easy to fit into long, narrow yards that are common on smaller lots. We carry two exceptional brands of swim spas from Coast Spas and Wellis to give you the best selection to choose from. This way you can find the right option for your home.


What makes swim spas so great?

Swim spas are unbelievably versatile. They can help you get an early morning workout from the comfort of your home. No more having to go out to the gym or pay monthly membership fees! Swim spas allow you to swim laps or use specially designed treadmills and rowing equipment. Each workout can be tailored to your skill level and, as they are done in the water, are low impact!


Not in the mood to work out? When you’re stressed, your swim spa is the perfect place to unwind with some hydrotherapy. Designed with seats equipped with powerful jets, you can enjoy a gentle massage of targeted muscle groups. Reduce your stress or recover from injuries easier than ever before.


If you are looking for something family-friendly, you can’t beat a swim spa. More durable than an inflatable pool from the big box store, swim spas are great for the whole family. Not as deep as a traditional pool, swim spas make learning to swim fun for youngsters and are a great way to keep older children entertained, too.


Just because you have a small backyard doesn’t mean you have to give up on the idea of a summer full of fun! Contact our experts today and find a swim spa that will perfectly fit your home and your needs. We’re currently setting virtual and private appointments to get you the backyard vacation you’ve been longing for. You can reach us at 845-565-5777 at our New Windsor location or at 914-528-9000 in Mohegan Lake. Your backyard wonder awaits!

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