The Best Swim Spa Temperature in Fall

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The Best Swim Spa Temperature in Fall

Crispy, cool fall weather is what you were dreaming of on those scorching New York summer days. But now that sweater weather has arrived, you may need to adjust the temperature of your Wellis® Swim Spa to make it more comfortable. So, what is the best swim spa temperature in fall? As the premier choice for swim spas in the Hudson Valley, our team at Orange County Pools and Spas can give you all the details.

Best Swim Spa Temperature for Swimming

When exercising, on dry land or in the water, your body temperature rises. So, when finding the best swim spa temperature for swimming, you want to keep in mind your core temperature will be on the rise. While cooler outside weather does mean keeping your swim spa a little warmer, you don’t want to overdo it. In the fall, we recommend setting the water temperature for swimming between 85-90 degrees F. When you first get in, it may feel a bit chilly but soon into your workout, it will be just right. And it’ll still be warmer than it is outside! If you are jogging, walking, rowing, or biking, you can also wear a hat to help keep body heat in.

If you and your family are just splishing and splashing for fun, the best swim spa temperature may be higher. You can raise the temperature a bit, up to around 95 degrees F, to make it more comfortable. 

When exercising in your swim spa, it’s important to keep tabs on yourself to make sure you do not overheat. Being in the water, you will not have the normal cues that your body is hot such as sweating. Instead, notice if your cheeks are flush or hot to the touch, take frequent water breaks, and stop immediately if you feel dizzy or lightheaded. 

Best Swim Spa Temperature for Hot Tubbing

For the spa portion of your swim spa, you want the temperature to be warm and relaxing. You can set the temperature anywhere from 100 to 104 degrees F for maximum hydrotherapy benefits and enjoyment. On a cool fall day, this will feel perfect! As with any hot tub use and water temperatures this high, observe water safety. Young children, pregnant women, and those with other health concerns should not take part without a doctor’s approval. 

Learn and Adjust to Your Preferences

Ultimately, the best swim spa temperature is the one you enjoy the most! Be patient to make adjustments and learn your preferences. Since swim spas are smaller than typical backyard pools, making temperature adjustments is faster and easier to control. Wellis Swim Spas have a simple-to-use touch screen control panel where you can easily adjust the temperature and find your preferred settings. Additionally, the Rio Grande W-Flow has completely separate sections with dual temperature controls. This way both the swim and spa portions can be ready for use at any time!

Be Prepared for Fall Temperatures

With the outside temperatures cooler in the fall, we recommend you use a robe to walk to and from your swim spa. You can also keep your towel tucked inside a nearby storage compartment to prevent it from getting cold and wet. 

To learn more about the best spa temperature in fall for a Wellis Swim Spa, reach out to our team at Orange County Pools and Spas. For simple and affordable financing options for a swim spa, check out our trusted financing partners. Stop by our Mohegan Lake store to see our swim spas on display and schedule a test swim. Contact us today to order your swim spa in time for fall!

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