The Best Summer Pool Games

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When you own a pool, the best summer memories are made without ever leaving home. Long, sunny days spent playing with your favorite people in the pool — what else could you ask for? How about some fun pool games! Whether you’re celebrating something, having a pool party, or just looking for some games to keep the kiddos entertained, here are five of the BEST summer pool games.

Sharks & Minnows

Have one person (the “shark”) stand on one side of the pool, while everyone else (the “minnows”) stands on the other side. When the shark says go, the minnows swim as quickly as they can to the shark’s side of the pool and try to touch the wall before the shark can tag them. Whoever the shark tags is out. The game continues until the shark has tagged everyone, or the last minnow makes it safely across the pool. Depending on the skill level of your swimmers, you can make the game more challenging by making a rule that the shark can only tag someone whose head is above water.

Invisible Treasure

Throwing rings, diving toys, or sparkly “treasure” gems into the pool so your kids can practice their underwater swimming skills is always a classic. But, make the game more fun for the entire family by throwing invisible treasure into the pool. Simply peel the label off a plastic drink bottle (preferably one with a clear lid), fill it with water, and throw it in the water. It will be pretty much invisible when it sinks to the bottom of your pool and finding it will be fun and surprisingly challenging.

Pool Noodle Races

Straddle it, put it under your armpits, tuck it behind your knees … just whatever you do, don’t lose your noodle! Be the first person across the pool, swimming with your ,,pool noodle, and you win.

What Time is it, Mr. Fox?

One person, “Mr. Fox,” stands on one side of the pool while everyone else lines up on the other side. When the game starts, everyone yells, “What time is it, Mr. Fox?” Picking a random number from 1-12, Mr. Fox yells back a time. The other people have to take that many steps forward. The process repeats until Mr. Fox decides to yell, “It’s time for lunch!”. Everyone else needs to try to run, swim, or scramble back to their starting position while Mr. Fox tries to tag someone. If he tags someone, they become Mr. Fox, but if everyone gets safely back to the other wall, the original player stays Mr. Fox for the next game.

Marco Polo

An oldie but a goodie, there’s a reason Marco Polo is still a popular pool game … it’s fun! With all players in the pool, one person is designated as “it” and he has to close his eyes and count to 10 (even better if he does so while underwater). Then, keeping his eyes closed, he has to tag one of the other swimmers. Whoever is “it” can call “Marco!” at any time, and everyone else who’s playing must yell back, “Polo!” To keep away from the person who’s “it,” you can swim, hide, or run away. You can even get out of the pool. But if whoever is “it” calls, “Fish out of water!” and you’re out of the pool, you become the next “it.”

Any time you spend with your favorite people in the pool is guaranteed to be a good time, but if you’re looking to dial up the fun, we hope you give these games a try. Need ,,pool noodles, water ,,chemicals, or something else to make your pool days perfect? ,,Stop by or pick up what you need in our ,,online shop!

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