Is a Swim Spa the Right Fit for Me?

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Is a swim spa the right fit for me

Swim spas are becoming increasingly popular for many reasons. If you’re unfamiliar with swim spas, they are self-contained units made for both swimming and therapy. They are much smaller in size than typical inground pools and are similar in construction to hot tubs. So, if you’re wondering, “Is a swim spa the right fit for me?” Here are some details to consider.

The Basics

As not everyone’s familiar with the term ‘swim spa’, let’s start with the basics. A swim spa is basically a combination of the best parts of a hot tub and a pool. Swim spas look like an elongated hot tub. They generally have a strong jet system installed at one end that creates a current to swim against.


As mentioned, swim spas are much more compact than traditional inground pools. If yard space is an issue, it might be the ideal solution to your backyard swimming conundrum. In fact, they usually take up about one-third of the space a traditional pool uses. 

If you’ve been thinking about getting a hot tub, but want it mainly for backyard get-togethers, a swim spa may be the perfect choice. The extended length of a swim spa offers plenty of room for a group.   

Low Impact Exercise

Swimming is a wonderful way to work out your whole body without putting strain on your muscles and joints. That’s why many athletes turn to swimming to stay in shape. Of course, swimming isn’t the only water activity you can do to get some exercise. There are plenty of other aerobic and stretching activities that can be done in the warm swim spa water to lower the impact on the body. If you’re recovering from an injury or just looking for some lower impact exercises, a swim spa is a wonderful option.

Year-Round Use

Like hot tubs, swim spas are insulated. This means that the heat that’s pumped in mainly stays within the body of the unit. While pools have a definite ‘swim season’, swim spas are made for year-round use. 


Sometimes you want to get some exercise and other times you just want to rest and soak. A swim spa provides the opportunity to do either. You can have the temperature lower (in the 80s) for swimming or turn it up (in the 90s) for relaxation and therapy. Like hot tubs, swim spas also have massaging jets that are ideal for easing tight muscles and alleviating stress.


Parents of young children want their kids to develop swimming skills in a safe, contained setting. With their smaller size and shallow depth, swim spas are the perfect spot to get kids comfortable with being in the water. Children can start out with wading and treading water before moving on to swimming against the jet current.  

In addition, swim spas can be secured with a hardcover when not in use, which enhances safety for children, pets, and everyone else. 

Let’s Talk Swim Spas

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