Summer Maintenance Tips for Your Pool

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There’s no better way to spend a summer day than at the pool with your family. Of course, being able to enjoy a swim in your own backyard anytime you want comes with the responsibility of keeping your pool clean and maintained. Don’t worry, though! Caring for your pool can be simple and quick. Stay caught up on pool maintenance, so it’s always clean and ready for a dip. Besides that, a well-maintained pool is more energy- and cost-efficient and will last longer. Follow these summer maintenance tips for stress-free pool care.

Keep to Your Schedule

Keeping your pool clean only takes a few minutes of daily maintenance. It comes down to four main categories:

  • Circulation: Circulating the water is so important, we’d recommend you run your pump and filter 24/7, if that was practical. However, we know you’d rather not see the impact that could have on your utility bill. But, circulate the water as much as possible — at least 6-12 hours each day.
  • Filters: Empty the skimmer and pump basket daily. Backwash the main filter when the pressure goes up by 10 psi.
  • Vacuum: For crystal clear water, ,,vacuum often — at least a few times a week.
  • Pool Chemicals: Test your water often, 2-3 times per week minimum. Plus, test your water when there’s a rainstorm, you’ve had more swimmers in the pool than usual, and before and after you add chemicals. Speaking of pool chemicals…

Don’t Skimp on Pool Chemicals

The chemicals you can pick up at the Big Box Store or online are not the same quality ,,chemicals that you’ll find at Orange County Pool & Spas or the local pool dealer in your area. The chemicals you find at the warehouse store are weaker and usually packed with fillers and additives. Plus, you have no idea how long those have been sitting on the shelf. You’ll probably spend more money in the long run.

Trim Trees and Bushes Around Your Pool

When leaves and yard debris land in your pool, they’ll throw your water chemistry off as they start to decay. It’s important to skim leaves out of your pool before they sink to the bottom, where they’ll provide just the food algae needs to grow. But if you keep trees and bushes trimmed, fewer leaves and other materials will land in your water.

Beyond these tips, remember that we’re always here to help with advice, complimentary water testing, and the ,,supplies you need to maintain your pool. Plus, we offer ,,maintenance packages so you can spend a lot less time caring for your pool and more time swimming! We have a variety of affordable maintenance contracts available. Fill out ,,this form for more information.

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