Staycation Versus Vacation: Your Backyard Private Resort

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Are you bummed to be canceling your summer vacation travel plans? You don’t have to give up on your vacation altogether. Make it a staycation instead! The best thing about a staycation, other than the family fun you’ll have, is that you’re investing in a backyard that will provide tons of enjoyment summer after summer.

Create a Space That Fits Your Family Perfectly

The great thing about having your own backyard private resort is that it can be anything you want it to be! What does your family love to do? Lounge poolside? Enjoy a spa-like retreat? Play a 3-on-3 tournament and then enjoy a dip in your above-ground pool? With the help of Orange County Pools and Spas, your backyard resort can be exactly what you want it to be.

Welcome Home Year-Round Enjoyment

Here’s the best part. Create your backyard private resort and you’ll be just a step away from pure, relaxing pleasure every single day. Because let’s be real, that summer travel vacation is never enough. A week or two of fun and then it’s back to the daily grind. But, when the family activities you love to do together are right there in your own yard … well, more quality family time, more relaxing, and more fun just happen.

Rest assured — you’ll be using your backyard retreat all the time, year after year. But, when vacation time rolls around and you don’t have to work, it’s extra special. So…

Get in the Staycation Mindset

Plan your summer staycation. While you enjoy your backyard retreat all the time, for your official staycation, we have a few suggestions:

Stay “out of office”. Set the autoresponder on your email and don’t take any calls. Just like on vacation, work is the one thing you should ban.

Kick things up a notch with a few simple luxuries. If you went away for vacation, you’d leave the housework and cooking behind, so consider doing the same thing, even though you’re staying at home. How about having food delivered every night so you don’t have to cook? Or, maybe you’d love hiring a cleaning service for the week so your house stays in tip-top shape while you’re playing in the pool with the kids.

Make every moment memory-worthy. Bring out the best china and dine alfresco under the stars. Set out your most luxurious towels and robes. And pour some fragrant, tropical-scented aromatherapy in the hot tub for a lounging-in-paradise vibe.

And don’t forget the vacation-worthy treats! Calories don’t count on vacation, do they? So stock the house with your family’s favorite snacks.

All those little touches will help you create an experience your family will never forget. That’s the essence of a staycation. It’s staying home and feeling like you’re on vacation at the same time!

What staycation goals does your family have? We can build you the resort-style pool of your dreams. Or we can set you up with a Wellis® Swim Spa so you still have plenty of room for your backyard basketball or tennis court. To get started designing your ideal backyard resort, contact us to set up a virtual consultation via FaceTime or to schedule an appointment in one of our stores. Get ready for the staycation of a lifetime!

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