Setting Your Swim Spa Up for Success

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setting your swim spa up for success

Preparing for a swim spa installation is an exciting time! After all, you’ll soon have access to your a personal oasis and low impact exercise zone, right in your backyard. However, If you’re getting ready for a swim spa installation, there are a few details you should keep in mind. Doing so means you’ll be setting your swim spa up for success! 

Here are some aspects you’ll need to take into consideration before having your swim spa delivered and installed.

Space Requirements

When you’re measuring out the amount of space required for your swim spa, you need to keep in mind more than just the size of the product itself. There has to be room for people to work on the swim spa when it needs servicing. In particular, the side of the swim spa that houses the electrical and other components should have space for someone to get in and work. Also important—you have to have space to move around it for getting in and out comfortably.  

A Strong Base

Another important detail to consider for your new swim spa is the base that it’s going to rest on. As you might imagine, swim spas are heavy, especially once they’re filled with water. Due to this fact, you’ll need a level and strong area to place your swim spa. 

A reinforced concrete pad is typically the best base for a swim spa. You’ll want the concrete to be at least 6 inches thick to properly support the swim spa. If you don’t want to go with a concrete pad base, there are other possibilities. Ask your swim spa installer about other options for your space.

Access to Power and Water

A swim spa needs to have a power source nearby. Be sure to talk to your installer regarding the type of power needed for your particular swim spa and how close it must be to the spa. Most likely, you’ll need to have a licensed electrician come in to install a dedicated power source. 

Having water not too far away from your chosen swim spa location is another great idea. When you need to perform your seasonal drain and refill, you’ll be happy to only have to run the hose a short distance. 

Delivery Considerations

On the installation day, you’ll need to have enough room for the installers to get your new swim spa into your chosen area of the yard. The access must allow room for the swim spa and then additional space to ensure a smooth delivery. Discuss the plan with your installer ahead of time to make sure that there is room to do the install in the area you’ve selected. 

Talk to the Professionals

If you’re interested in a swim spa but still have questions, we’re always happy to help at Orange County Pools & Spas! We carry the exceptional Wellis line of swim spas. Known for their powerful therapeutic benefits, these swim spas are sure to impress. Contact us today and learn more about your swim spa options. Before long, you’ll be setting your swim spa up for success!

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