Preparing Your Yard for Pool Installation: Tips and Tricks

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Preparing Your Yard for Pool Installation: Tips and Tricks

The time has finally arrived for your pool installation, which will no doubt be followed by loads of pool time enjoyment! But before the fun can commence, you need to prepare for the pool installation process. Proper preparation can help ensure a quick, smooth installation and help prevent any unwanted delays. As the premier pool builder in the Hudson Valley, here are a few tips and tricks for preparing your yard for pool installation from Orange County Pools & Spas.

Choose Your Pool Installation Location

Before the pool installation crew ever arrives, know where you’d prefer your pool to be located within your yard. Location can vary depending on the size of your pool, the topography of your yard, the extent of design for surrounding coping and landscaping, and proximity to your home, among other factors. Keep in mind, during the pool design process, our pool design consultant will visit your home to inspect your property. At this time, the consultant will make recommendations for the most ideal locations for your pools.

Also, consider where you’d like the pool pump and filtration system equipment to be located. Of course, our team is highly experienced and can offer suggestions.

Know Your Local Pool Regulations

Every city or county in the country has pool installation and ownership requirements that are intended to keep you, your home, and others safe. Before we can begin pool installation, it is critical to know and adhere to these regulations. For Orange County, NY, residents are required to receive pool plan approval, obtain a permit for pool operation, and a few other smaller requirements. Check with your local authorities to find out what permits and approvals you need and how to obtain them.

In addition, every pool must be enclosed with a fence that is at least four feet in height with latches or handles at least 40 inches above the ground. We recommend you prepare to have a fence installed in your yard that meets local code requirements and is extremely secure and durable. Arrange plans for this to happen before installation begins.

In addition to city permits, your pool and its design need to meet your HOA requirements. While our team is familiar with many of the local HOA standards, it is best that you reach out to the board to ensure you have met all requirements and that pool installation is good to go.

Ready Your Yard for Our Equipment

Pool installation is no small undertaking and requires some heavy machinery. It is a good idea to prepare your yard for our arrival. For one, have the landscaping prepared by cutting the grass and trimming the hedges. You may not be able to fully tend to your landscaping for a few weeks, so give it one good grooming beforehand. Also, remove any trees, shrubs, or other landscaping that could interfere with the installation.

Next, if you have a fence with a gate, be sure to have it unlocked for our arrival. We may also have to temporarily remove part of the fence for our machinery to pass through.

Prepare to be Flexible

No matter how much planning and preparation goes into your pool installation, you cannot control or predict the weather. Heavy rain can affect the conditions of your yard and prevent us from proceeding. To prevent frustration, being flexible is the best course of action. 

We wish you a successful and stress-free pool installation process and hope you enjoy your new pool for years to come. For further questions about pool installation, give us a call at Orange County Pools & Spas! As the premier pool builder for all of Orange County, Westchester County, Putnam County, Dutchess County, and beyond, contact us today to get started with your pool-building dreams.

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